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You might know me as the founder of propmarketer or on my property marketers podcast. Property Marketer is an online community of property enthusiasts who are obsessed with the idea of marketing and alternative living.

My fascination with property has followed me across my life and as I continue to travel, I’m excited to explore even more.

Throughout my life I have visited over 20+ countries and I have seen some of the greatest architecture this world has to offer. I would now like to highlight the companies, owners and architects behind alternative living.

Why the name, “Property Marketers”? The name allows me to speak about a wider range of topics with a special focus on our idea of property. I want to bring value to your life with unique alternative architecture that could range from proptech, co-living, tiny homes, earth homes, and variety of other architectural trends.

We are interviewing people across the globe so you can learn and create the next incredible property design of the future!

Where Do Architects Stay #1 – Tiny Homes, Nomad Travels, and Architecture Trends With Adi Cohen Property Marketers Show

The new series of the Property Marketer Show is here today!  In these next few episodes, we have decided to zero in on the question: Where Do Architects Stay? It is a more loaded question that you might realize and in this first adaption we dive into the question even further with a special guest, Adi Cohen.  Adi Cohen has spoken on TED talk about her experiences as a nomad architect and she has travelled extensively over the course of her career.  From quitting her incredible job at a global architecture studio to creating a life and business of her own that focuses on her aspirations as an architect. She has now founded an architecture studio called the new movement which you can hear more about in the episode.  The reason Adi is such a great guest for this first show is because she has experienced so many different accommodations throughout her travels and she has been able to see what experiences you can truly have when you allow yourself to take chances. Throughout the episode we will be diving into some of the many trends, nomad stories, and even the tiny home movement that has swept across the world for its ability to be more convenient than other forms of housing.  Would you like a better look at what we might be talking about in this one? Check out the episode track below:  [ 0.00 – 11.00 ] – Introductions along with exploring what makes up a home?  [ 11.48 – 22.00 ] – Tiny Homes and living minimalist  [ 22.00 – 25.00 ] – Architecture begins and ends with people  [ 26.00 – 31.00 ] – Adi's travels and Airbnb experiences (like sleeping in giant potatoes)  [ 32.00 – 34.00 ] – Sustainability in architecture  [ 35.00 – 40.00 ] – Co-living and Shoutout To Portuguese Roots [ 40.30 – 45.00 ] – What's the next location? & the closing napkin question This interview was tons of fun and I would like everyone to find Adi Cohen on Instagram, LinkedIn and her podcast which focuses on architecture trends and some of the people behind some of the projects that are pushing the needle and future of the industry.  Check out some of the links below for more:  Adi Cohen – LinkedIn  https://www.instagram.com/nomad.architect.me/ – Instagram  https://www.ted.com/talks/adi_cohen_how_to_design_freedom_a_journey_of_a_nomadic_architect – Adi's TED talk  https://thenewmvt.com/ – Adi's Website  Remember to follow our LinkedIn page for more updates:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/propertymarketers/ – FOLLOW US!  
  1. Where Do Architects Stay #1 – Tiny Homes, Nomad Travels, and Architecture Trends With Adi Cohen
  2. #30 – Talking About Dubai Architecture, Crazy EXPO 2020 Stories, & The Future Of Design With Andrew Theunissen & Ace Of Spaces
  3. #29 – Everything You Need To Know About How Urban Planning Works In Abu Dhabi (Ft. Misha Mittal)
  4. #28 – Here's What You Don't Know About The Co-Living Space (Ft. Marc Föster Algás & Karisma)
  5. #27 – From 0$ To An Award Winning Design Studio In Dubai (Ft. Mihir Sanganee & Design Smith)

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