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You might know me as the founder of propmarketer or on my weekly property marketers show. Prop Marketer is an online community of real estate enthusiasts who are obsessed with the idea of marketing and properties of all kinds!

I started this blog to connect with the world and I will continue to find new ways to bring value to realtors and property enthusiasts who have a love for marketing!

I can’t wait to help you see success in marketing and give you valuable information about properties from across the globe in my weekly podcast below!

#10 – Mother's Day Special With Carol Correia Property Marketers Show

For this episode we decided to step away from our regularly scheduled programming to bring you a new podcast episode on my mother. In this new episode we speak about my mother's journey and the advice she can bring to those who are investing into real estate but also those who have an interest in the nursing industry.  In this episode we were blessed by a woman that has given so much to me and has made this podcast possible.  To all those mother's out there, I hope your day went well and thank you for everything that you have done for this world!  Thank you and stay tuned for another episode this week, 
  1. #10 – Mother's Day Special With Carol Correia
  2. #9 – How To Create More Sustainable Urban Projects With Henry Gordon-Smith & Agritecture
  3. #8 – Can 3D Homes Be Used On Mars? We Ask Dr. Peter Staritz
  4. #7 – What Are Earthships? How Do You Build One? We Ask Ian Hearns!
  5. #6 – How Craig Ebersole Built A Tiny Home & How You Can Do The Same

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