Some Of The Biggest Advancements In Marketing Are Here!

Take a moment to think about where we have come in this industry. We see television shows such as Madmen and the glorification of the New York Marketer from the 1900’s with a difficult past. We see the the complete journey of this character. As he continues to figure out different mysterious of his past.

Now in 2020, we are ready to welcome in the new stage of marketing, AI and new technology in the marketing scene. This is often called digital marketing by most main stream marketing professionals and it continues to leave a mark on the way we still do business now! It is incredible how far we have come and where we are still going.


According to Gartner, 80% of technology will be built on AI soon. So why do we refuse to learn and adapt to this new life? Well for one thing, we are stuck in the past. Some realtors and property managers still use the tried and true method of door to door, hours of traditional research on prospects and tons of money on “hunches” with their ad dollars.

I would like to propose a new approach. Let’s begin and end our prospecting and lead generation with data driven AI based decision making. Today, we are sharing examples of ways your company can progress and use the tools necessary to boost productivity!


Consider the use of a Chatbot for your next campaign. This will take the work from your hands and put it in the hands of the bot. The bot will then allow you to receive better time management. This area of customer support will be covered and you will be able to move toward other areas of the business. When we constantly optimize and find new ways to save and give time to other aspects, you will be able to put your best foot forward on all your future endeavours., Mobile Monkey and intercom can help here. Let me tell you a little about each below:

Pricing: Free. $0 /month. One seat of authoring, Pro. $1,990 /month. Five seats of authoring, Enterprise. $3,500 /month. Up to 10 seats of authoring.

Key Features: Facebook integration, web chat, conversation templates

Mobile Monkey

Pricing: Varies

Key Features: Real time connectivity, great chat support


Pricing: Intercom offers various premium plans starting at $39/month.

Key Features: Free trail, personalized


This is one of the more straight forward examples of how AI has been used to continually allow us to do our jobs better. When it comes to prospecting and creating leads, grammar is key. We need to take the time to look over all areas of our newsletters and email listings. This will create more of a wider audience for us all. Such sites that have helped in the past include Hemingway, which allows you to stay ahead of the curb.

Facial Recognition

Be prepared for this to be used in all marketing efforts. Facial recognition isn’t just a science fiction film subject, this has and will continue to be used in marketing and outside of this space. For property owners to continually be a adaptive player, they must use this during social media marketing efforts. This may sound silly but think about where we are headed in our marketing efforts. Video is king and a interesting video is a god among my generation and the ones below me. Make videos that capture your audience with silly face recognition filters and content that appeals and makes everyone laugh. Tik Tok & Snapchat are just two examples.


I recently saw a article on Hubspot’s new growth-bot and Adgorithm’s Albert. These two marketing teams have inspired me to make this post. Both of there algorithms are heavy on the use of AI for data driven decision making. Check them out for more information about how to grow your brand even further through the use of AI.

So as a final word, these are just a few ways AI marketing is being used to impact the world and brands around us each day. The one suggestion I would say is that you need to continually adapt and grow your brand using these. The future is now so start today!

If you need additional help, PROPS can assist you in these categories using extensive research and constantly finding new ideas to market your brand. Reach out to us for more.

Have a good weekend!


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