Social Media Is Now Gone Forever

You’re a architect. You just finished your schooling and you are ready for the new world ahead. Let’s say you head to Italy for a year to start your own business. The life you once knew has been dashed in the past and you are now gaining a new perspective while you stare at the Colosseum. As you face the dilemma of creating your business without the knowledge of your new home, you decide to do more to gain your customers attention. You are spending hours redesigning your logo, pop up shops in the city, and video designing to boost your sales. Your customers take notice and you are propelled to stardom through intuition and creativity without any use of social media platforms.

brown building ruins under grey sky

Social Media in 2020

Social media may decline someday. The market may become saturated with eCommerce professionals and influencer marketers. As Facebook and Instagram are the latest to monetize there social media platforms with new SHOP services, there is no telling where the market is headed. As marketers we must be able to build influence from all areas of work, no matter where the attention may be. In times of trouble and decline of sales (like our current situation), it’s important to release content that speaks to people on all levels of engagement.

Design & Marketing

person writing on white paper

UX Design is one of the most in demand skills on the market according to a article by Lesley University. It is not a secret that creativity is attractive throughout many companies. As big players begin to enter the social media space, it is important to build a team of designers who can bring new life to your brand.

Using design you are able to influence packaging design, logo presentation, website visuals, and video illustrations. Take a look at your brand and ask yourself the question: “Will my current font, color, look, and vibe of my website make the cut?”. If the answer is no, then you need to start building your network of designers and creatives.

Recommended websites: Fiverr (For freelance designers) and Designinspiration (Self Explanatory)

Network Your Brand

You know how people get word of mouth on there brand? Through conferences, events, and meetups. This is executed to perfection on Linkedin but in a situation where you need to reach your customer on a different level of engagement, this could be helpful.

Networking allows you to take the time to research and figure out conferences within your area of business. You gain a new perspective which could lead to a profitable marketing campaign in the near future. An idea to try at these events is your elevator pitch to receive feedback on your future business plans.

Across the city of Toronto, there are numerous conferences for business professionals such as Hip Haus. If you can’t find one, you can make a event on

crowd of people in building lobby


The world is all about collaboration and we must take the time to build connections with designers and other business professionals. Always look for new ways to influence your clients and never settle for traditional. For now, start using all tools (including social media) to keep customers updated on blogs, podcast, videos, and other means of engagement.

Take Care.

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