Take Advantage Of Video Marketing

Let’s say you have time traveled back to medieval times and you ask one simple question “What date is it?”. The question alone would cause everyone to look at you strange. Besides the fact that you would be dressed in your favorite polo and sneakers, you would also be asking a question that would not be answered, for a few more centuries. For a large portion of history, we did not count dates and only knew the time based on the sun. In 2020, we not only can tell the time on our phones but we can also use one of the greatest marketing tools at our disposal. Live Video.


Don’t Ask “What You Can Do On Live”, Ask “What Going Live Can Do For You”

Video has become a prime marketing vehicle for all brands during the virus situation. To take advantage of this, we need to place high emphasis on Video Marketing.

Marketers like Gary Vee and Business professionals like Kevin O’leary have all used this situation to speak with fans. Gary Vee has set up a daily tea time and a afternoon session in which he speaks to fans, offers advice, and drinks vino! This is how you take advantage of a opportunity while keeping your audience interested.


Whether you are just starting out or a established business owner, the need for live video and video calling is critical for marketing your brand. So I implore you to take time to learn the skills, techniques and attributes that will allow you to better connect with your audience now and for the future.

The Future Of Video


As I write this, my office, like many others, has started to take the necessary steps to implement social distancing. Companies everywhere are concerned about the future. Why should we keep the lights on in this massive building if 10 people are at work? Why doesn’t everyone just stay home for the foreseeable future?

We have all heard these rumours and speculations about the future of the office and work culture. For me, my suggestion is to start boosting your negotiation tactics, selling abilities, and video skills online. Weather we like it or not, our world is changing and as it changes, optimization is key. Video marketing provides the means for engaging those same customers that have grown accustomed to your in-person visits.

The Advice You Need To Begin

So how can one begin marketing through video? You begin on social media. Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, and Twitter all offer you the ability to “Go Live”. Check out some ideas below if you are a realtor or a restaurant owner.

So if you’re a restaurant owner, I would suggest promoting a new Uber delivery item from your menu. Go live and describe the story behind your meal, the people involved, and of course have someone try it and give a honest opinion.


If you’re a realtor, Go Live at one of the houses you’re selling. Describe where you are, how much for the house and who would be perfect for this house. Read and review the comments and optimize based on the feedback you receive from your efforts.

There are several ways a person can be successful on any social media platform. You must remember to be genuine and provide value to your customers. Before anything ask yourself “What impact am I making on my customers life? & Will this information provide value?”. Once you take this into account, you will be able to create better connections with your video clientele.

Remember to share. Props.


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