The Most Important Marketing Tip

Hundreds of people marching, understanding the momentous situation they took to the streets. Using digital media, radio, posters and signs they were able to convey a powerful message. Getting a message across was the main goal. Failing to influence the future was never in the cards for these men and women. These are the brave men and women who marched on Washington during 1963. Where one of the greatest displays of civil rights activism in human history took place.

Never shy away from the chance to use your platform for something more then financial gain. We are entering into a new world of marketing. It is important for your brand to stay current during this time and share our opinion.

For those of you who may think this post holds no value to your brand, think about the following:

  • Within 5-10 years these protesters will be your main audience. Take the time to show your stands on current issues and value there opinions.
  • According to Sprout Social, 66% say it is important for brands to take public stands on social issues. Using your brand to speak on current issues, builds a connection with your customers.
  • A confident brand speaks on social issues and provides helpful feedback for motivation. People gravitate towards brands that care. Even if you are a restaurant owner, realtor, or consultant.
  • Several people believe brands have a lot of power on social issues. Some may say brands have a bigger impact then the government in making change. Start taking a stand today.
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My opinions on the latest events

On several occasions I often forget the facts of my background. My Mother and Father are both black Caribbean immigrants. At very young ages they moved to Canada for a better life like so many Canadians. They were happy to be in a country that welcomed them. They raised a family with men and women that have a bright future.

No matter where you come from in this world. The one thing that bides us all is human history and for several black people, history has not been kind to us. From shootings, lynching, and segregated washrooms, water fountains and houses. Racism has plagued us.

We are protesting the hate crimes and the lack of respect that has existed for hundreds of years. The difference in 2020 is the global reach of the message. Social media has given our generation the keys to promote a universal cause for equality.

The internet has brought the good and the bad. News outlets now sell the looting and the chaos to the public, rather then the years of hardship. As someone who has a passion for marketing, now is not the time. We are fighting a battle that is far beyond black vs police, it’s a fight for people who demand justice.

For me, this means being able to walk down a street in a hoodie. As a black man its no longer a question if you are for the protest or against. The protesters believe humankind can do a better job at treating people with respect. I will always be on the side that leads us all to a better future. A future where we are able to accept others, bring respect and equality.

Respect one another and stand for a brighter future.

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Published by Cole Correia

As someone who loves marketing and sales, the idea of telling stories that help small business owners, real estate agents, and individuals is so important to me. Take the time to stay up to date on the latest news and marketing advice to help you run your business!

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