Instagram Is Here To Stay


Welcome to Silicon Valley. This is the place where coding dreams come true. Many developers have succeeded in creating products and services that have changed our lives. From rockets to social media, Silicon Valley has been the place for it all. Instagram plays out the same way. 2 developers learn coding and create one of the greatest social media applications. Ever.

Instagram Branding

You’re not branding if you are not branding with Instagram. This application has been the most useful tool in the arsenal of content creation. Billions of businesses use this platform to create value. Billions of users each month contribute to this site and it only continues to expand!


Branding takes time and patience. For Instagram users, it takes the knowledge of the platform. Your photos and images are not enough to bring the leads you are looking for on Instagram. You need to be able to position yourself through geotags, hashtags, influencers, and compelling stories!

With billions of users on this platform, you need to learn the tips and tricks to position yourself correctly. In this post we will do a deep dive into some of the trends and advice that can make your stories and post grab a audience.

Instagram Storytelling

Let’s cut to the chase. You’re here to engage with your customers better. One of the ultimate pieces of advice I have heard is storytelling. This word will provide your brand a added boost and create loyal customers. Storytelling is one of the most important aspects of your brand.


Why is story telling so important? It creates empathy and allows us all to remain engaged. Your story is the aspect of your brand that will keep us all coming back to view your brand.

Marketing Topics and Trends

How do you create that winning story? Well you start with a website called answerthepublic. This is a website that will add value by giving you content ideas. You feed the site a topic and it spits out questions that can lead to gold!


You take that content idea and you draw a outline to the story behind the product or service.

Your New Brand Story

Let’s say you are a realtor. You’ve run out of content ideas. You use the tips from this blog post and enter afford a home into the answerthepublic search section. One of the topics is “How to afford this home”. You then give the story of how one of your clients used different finance options to afford his new home.

How Can Instagram Be Used To Tell My Story?

When telling this story on Instagram. The medium of choice would be IGTV, Instagram Stories or Instagram Live.


Each Instagram medium has it’s own special features and marketing strategies. IGTV is one of the newest methods and one of the most effective. You are able to post long videos that could tell your entire brand story in one post. Tell the world your story and include personal details to truly build loyal customers. Other mediums like stories have a shorter run time but can be just as effective.

Instagram live is another great story telling outlet. You can use this section to speak directly with clients. If a customer would like to learn more details, you can answer directly. This medium gives you the chance to be totally authentic and human. This is a effective way to work through problems and directly give advice to first time home buyers.

Final Opinions Regarding Instagram

Express yourself and show your personality on Instagram. Everyday there is new content being shared. Use hashtags to bring your message to a wider audience. Put your location on your story to reach a wider audience. Be proactive and look up hashtags with less then 500k post and use that in your next story. The options are endless and it’s time to take the tools you have for better branding.


Do not let outside forces determine how successful you will be on this platform. Be confident with what you think is interesting and go forward with it!

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