‘#’ Is This The Biggest Marketing Tactic?

In the late 1800’s, a man made a oscillating tower that could transfer energy throughout the Earth. Through vibrations these devices would transfer energy from one spot to the next. This was a invention created by Nikola Tesla. One mans dream of transferring data has become a reality that we see as commonplace. In 2020, we have our data shared through small devices, instant messages sent to people in Zambia, and pound keys that control our lives on social platforms.


Hashtags. We now know them as the little symbol we use to market our lives. In 2020, if you don’t know the new, trending or most popular hashtags, you’re out of luck. Take the time to research and understand the nature of your video or photo and add hashtags accordingly!

Here’s some facts about hashtags that will make you see the value of the pound key:

  • You receive 12.6% more engagement on Instagram with your content when you use a hashtag! If you were planning on posting without them, you’re making a mistake.
  • There is no limit to the amount of hashtags you can post on LinkedIn. These can be used on post, videos, profiles, and much more! Start following and building your brand on this social platform with hashtags!
  • Some of the most important research tools for building your brand with hashtags is the following websites: Ritetag, Twitonomy, Hashtagify. Each site offers you the research you need to use popular and trending hashtags for your business.
  • Do you need to get noticed right now? Try the following hashtags: #facts, #check, #love. These are known as some of the most popular used hashtags in all of Twitter and Instagram. Use these hashtags to boost your image on social media.

Why Use Hashtags?

Every major brand has used hashtag in there marketing. There is no secret to the success of this marketing tactic. Be able to use hashtags if you’re interested in a successful campaign. Use research tools and understand the importance of your business. If you have a story and you want the world to hear about it, use hashtags. In 2020, you’re doing a injustice if you don’t take the time to use the tools that have been given to you!

Here are some post from popular brands that have used hashtags to perfection. Enjoy and remember to comment, like and follow for more content!


Published by Cole Correia

As someone who loves marketing and sales, the idea of telling stories that help small business owners, real estate agents, and individuals is so important to me. Take the time to stay up to date on the latest news and marketing advice to help you run your business!

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