Best Way To Market Vacant Land

Recently, I was considered for a very unique company that specializes in office spaces. They provide you with the tools you need to find your next work space. The company has achieved success through the use of a organized website with a similar structure as Airbnb. As more and more businesses start to close their doors due to a global pandemic, it may be the best time to market these same vacant spaces.

Vacant Value

As a real estate enthusiast, vacant land is one of the most undervalued investments. Unlike buying a home, owning land puts the ball in your court, in terms of creativity. Either you hold it and watch it appreciate in value or you build a business around it. The value of owning land and rural real estate is starting to shine its head as more people try to hide from a invisible enemy. The question on my mind (other then investing) is, how can someone who is lucky enough to own land, sell?

steps to sell your land

Understand what you are selling

One of the most important aspects about selling is understanding exactly what you are selling. Take control and find out which type of market you would like to sell to. It helps to use networking in this equation. You may not be a expert in your field but you can always use platforms such as Linkedin to help guide your vision. Reach out to landowners, realtors, and specialist in the field through Linkedin Search Navigator and start prospecting.

Use video to connect with your audience

Video is still king when marketing. Use video to show your customers the land and everything that you can do with it. Just take the time to see your opportunity and develop videos accordingly. Whether you are growing a vineyard, building a house, or making a golf course you need to take the time to film video.

Use social media to sell

This should go without saying. The number one form of marketing to grow your brand is social media. For me, it all depends on who you would like to sell to. If you are selling to a massive company, you need to be different. How do you set yourself from the crowd? Do a live video on Instgram while you are on your land. Use the land as your platform and speak about the special features that are involved. Take the time to think about everything you love about the land and create content around it.

My favorite ways to use land

I will end this post by showing everyone some of my favorite uses of land and why I believe its such a fun investment. Take time to do the research before you purchase any land property and reach out to the great realtors in your network for more information.

Let me know which of the following is your favorite and if you would ever invest in land! Enjoy your weekend and see you tomorrow!

clear wine glass overlooking orchard during daytime
four red dome tent surrounded by trees
aerial photography of grass field with blue solar panels
Solar Fields
Mel's Drive-in building
Drive In Movie Theater
road between mountain alps
yellow and blue painted concrete building sounding of mountain

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