Never Mix Business & Family

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Several people do not have the ability to see there father everyday. For me, I have my father around and it’s just another aspect of my life that I see as a advantage. My father is a man who I have seen as someone who will always have something to say. One of the only attributes that I can take from my father is his ability to continually provide some input. This is something we can all take to our marketing.

Be able to make content and provide value to all those around you. As we end another Father’s Day it’s important to realize the people who have helped bring us into this world. Some of us may not have father’s in our lives but I find it important to know where you have come from and who helped in bringing you here. On this post we will speak about the importance of never mixing business with family.

Family over business EVERY TIME

The idea of Father’s Day has always been a fruitful day for marketing. Like many holidays, they were created for consumption purposes and that’s fine. As marketers we take advantage and we market our products accordingly. We must be able to build our businesses by taking advantage of all holidays and special events.

Although holidays are prime events for marketing it’s also very important to not mix business with family time. If each individual solely followed our business model and focused on business at all times, we would lose. We would probably have a massive business with a lot of wealth but we would miss out on the joys of life. Our family is something that we have been blessed to possess. Never mix business with family.

Take time to spend time with your family whether it’s Father’s Day or any other day. We will never have another family so on Father’s Day, be personal and show everyone how much you care about the people in your life. Today take yourself away from your business and focus on the family today!

No photos with my father so here is someone else’s

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