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Everyone’s Most Important Tool In 2020

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There is tons of discussion around the development of the camera. These discussions date back to the 1600’s and gain new life in the 1800’s when the first camera was developed. We often do not realize how important this tool has become for the world around us. Think about everything the camera has done for humankind. This tool has connected us, developed businesses, and recreated the way we see the world around us. We depend on this tool to extreme measures and in 2020 we can’t live a life without this tool.

Easily the camera is the most essential tool for any business. Depending on which stage of the business you are approaching, this tool can allow you to grow that million dollar business. For many entrepreneurs the camera has been credited for the marketing of there services and building the leads for sustaining the business. Take 5 mins to think about every time you use the camera and how many uses it has for your marketing campaign. We are entering a new stage of marketing and humankind that will make us even more reliant on the camera.


Here, we speak about the camera and how it can effect the world around you! If you’re unaware of the power of the camera, you won’t be for long.

The Camera & Social Media

The most obvious example of the camera is social media. For me, social media truly started when Mark Zuckerberg hopped onto his computer. From that moment forward the camera increased in value for the world!

Facebook was the start of a new world. After the creation of Facebook the model was copied and innovated into the social network of platforms that we have in 2020. By using your camera and learning the uses of this tool we can create brands, channels, and billions of dollars.

Want to know how important the camera has become? Try promoting a product on social media without one. Without the camera we would be forced to only use newspapers and other print to create messages. Back in the MadMen era, this wouldn’t be so bad but in 2020? Let’s be real, you’re out of luck.


Social media has forced our hand and the audience it has created is the single biggest necessity for your business to grow. How do you grow this business? You take compelling photos, you use stock images, stock videos, GIF’s, moving photos, and more. Use these images to create a audience and loyal fans that yearn for new content. The only question I have for the future of the camera is, how will this boost your business long term?

How Can You Use This To Grow Your Business?

Now it’s time to help you. From what I have seen on Tik Tok and Instagram. People who post content daily have seen the most success in there respected industries.

So get out there and post some pictures, videos and more! Stop reading and start doing!!

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