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Malls Will Never Be The Same


Breaking news! On Wednesday most local malls and shopping centres will be opening across Canada! For me this doesn’t mean much but for several normal human beings this is a great time to get outside. Brick and mortar businesses rejoice because its time to start marketing. This news offers something that we all need during this pandemic and that’s the ability to meet up in a massive building. Canadians will now have the opportunity to shop until they drop, as the sales on several of your favourite brands will be ready to begin business.

Not only malls but salons and other business services will have to begin adapting to this new world of marketing. From plastic covering to social distance lines on the floors, your shopping experience will change. Your shopping experience will now be turned on it’s head as people begin to create marketing campaigns due to this new normal. In this post we will dive into this new level of marketing within malls and other brick and mortar environments. Let’s begin!

What Happens Next?


So what does this new normal look like for our shopping centres? And is this going to benefit us or decrease business?

Well like most of my post, this is all speculation. From my perspective, malls will benefit after this Corona virus news. One of the biggest challenges business will have to face is the time people will be spending inside the actual store. E-commerce and Amazon is still alive and we will start seeing well informed shoppers. Online business is still on a rise and that will only continue as malls and social places continue to open. More customers will start to research and know exactly why they are driving to a massive virus epicentre. With well informed customers. You need to continue running ads online.

Online Ads For Offline Sales


Brick and mortar shoppers are still online shopping gurus. Your business needs to have a strong online presence for someone to drive or order from your store. If you want someone to get out of there cozy couch then you need to build a online presence. Positioning yourself on social media, marketing through affiliates and being authentic online will never not be important. Be able to build your brand and market yourself as a online and offline shopping experience.

Positioning Yourself For The Future

The future of online business is right in front of us. We are about to witness a change in customer preference and a change in consumer spending. So how does your business position itself to be successful within this new stage of human evolution?

Well you start with research. Marketing is all about optimization and if you start to learn from your customers you start to create something new. For example, when customers start to spend less time and start to be well informed, put someone at the front of the store. Hire someone that has the sole purpose of asking if someone is here for a delivery because the answer will usually be yes. We are in the age of business when we are not marketing to drones through monitors, we are marketing to genius shoppers. This is why authentication and being genuinely interested in the opinions of your customers is so important to build your business.


The Genius Shopper

The genius shopper is the future of our businesses and these people will be your biggest challenge. These are shoppers that do not want to hear a story that does not add value to them. So the question is, How are you remaining genuine and adding value to your customers?


The biggest brands in trouble in 2020 are those that do not optimize. Those that are not working toward adapting and building a story are already losing. When you are dealing with a genius you have to take them seriously. We are entering a era where thousands of Mark Zuckerberg’s will be storming your stores, you better be able to market to them!

If you need help with your brick and mortar, reach out to us about business inquires!

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