Daily Props Marketing Ideas #2: Online Events


As a virus plagues the world we have been forced to utilize this form of marketing. The competition is heating up as more people begin to host Live chats, webinars, online conference, social games, and online calls. No matter what stage of your business, you need to start utilizing these forms of marketing today!

I would like to bring your attention to some examples used to market online. Ranging from the social application called meetup to a great idea from a company that teaches you Spanish.

Meetup For Marketing

Meetup is the social application that allows you to create meetups with people with common interest. You can use this platform to market your products and services through networking. Reach out to the people in the group and find a way to push your product. You may find that several people could be interested in your new software that helps the group achieve its goals!

How To Build Marketing Through Gaming


I hope to learn Spanish one day. On one occasion I tried a Spanish drill company called beep boop. This is a company that specializes in teaching you Spanish while promoting there lessons on a zoom call with several other people! For me, this is just another way a company can use gaming and social platforms for promotional marketing. What I loved most about this company was the fun and research that was put into each lesson. I was able to learn words, phrases and sentences that were taught in a thrilling 5 min session.

How can you do the same? Well I propose more companies should try to be more proactive with there approach to marketing. Take the time to research and find a trend, from there you can use it to entertain people and create a fun application, zoom call with some of these clients. Gaming is just another way we can all stay connected in this collaborative-marketing age!

Take the time to find new ways you can provide value for your customers. Meeting up and gaming are just more ways you can use events to help your business grow!


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