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5 Ways To Use Twitter’s Voice Tweet To Market Property

Twitter has a new update and this means tons of new content will be hitting your dashboard! Beyond the traditional 140 characters that you are used to on the platform. You are now able to produce content without lifting a finger. You can use your voice to engage your audience and provide value to all of your new followers.


For those of you who are in the profession of selling homes and using this platform for marketing, we have you covered! Here is a list of all the many ways you can use this new update to sell your products and services.

1. Talk About Your First Impressions Of The Home

Walk into the home while you record your reactions. Give a honest account of the property. Speak about what you see and hear within the home.

This could be a great time to talk about the many amenities within the property. Be as honest about the property as possible and be able to describe the home in enough detail as possible. Within the tweet, provide photos and even videos of the home.


Your audience should be able to visualize the property with the help of your guidance. This could give you the opportunity to reach more buyers within your social circle!

2. Most Interesting Facts About The Property

Next, you will provide some interesting facts about the property that will allow you to keep them interested! As you continue to describe the property you will be able to tell everyone about the history, special features and fun facts.

Your audience will feel engaged and understand the property better with the help of your voice. Connect with your customers and be able to keep there interest with fun and new details about the property.

3. Interview The Owners In A Long Twitter Thread


The owners are just another person you have to contend with when buying a property. Allow everyone to hear how they feel about the property and why they believe it could be special! Ask questions regarding there experience with the property and why they are selling.

This is a important step because the owners could provide details that could help you sell the property easier. This is a great opportunity for the world to know exactly what they are buying.

4. Give Live Updates While Visiting Homes

This is your time to shine. Give your live updates about the home and your suggestions! This is your time to give the people listening more suggestions, opinions and topics that may allow them to be more inclined to buy.


For example, if you are marketing land and would like to tell the audience about everything you can do with it. Tell people about the opportunity and the future they can have when they finally decide to purchase the property!

5. Give Your Personal Opinion About The Location

Location, Location, Location. The location of the house matters. This is why it’s important to talk about the area in which you are selling upon! If the house is close to a river, take some pictures and tell people about it. This will allow your audience to feel more engaged with the property you are selling.

People love to hear about the amenities within the location of the property. If the property is close to a beach then talk to your audience about the palm trees and sea. It all depends on the property you are selling. Make a effort to provide all the special details of the location within a easy to hear voice recording!


This update for Twitter can be your next best marketing tool. It will turn your 140 characters into a fresh and engaging piece of content! Start using this new tool today!


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