My Experience Marketing For A Restaurant

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Happy Canada Day to all my Canadians! We are here today to tell everyone some of my first marketing assistance for a local restaurante in my area! Since this virus has started I have been using this time to help local businesses within my area. It has been fun to meet new people and help businesses figure out the best route for branding and advertising. Some of of my ideas for this resturant have not been used yet but I will soon be able to implement more soon!

South N Spicy Marketing

South N Spicy is the name of a restaurant in the city of Mississauga ON, Canada. In this restaurante you can find some of the best Tamil Indian Cuisine money can buy! Check them out more on there menu here.


Over the course of a month, I have been helping with captions, copywriting, and content ideas. Some of my favourite ideas have been used to help the business boost sales! Here are some examples;

I wanted to show everyone we are available for delivery during this time of COVID! So I made a “Did you know?” Caption with one of the most popular foods on the menu! People loved it and with a few hashtags it gained some traffic on Instagram.

For this one, I was tasked with editing and copywriting. We were able to edit and write a caption that helped us emphasis a new campaign for the restaurant!

What’s Next?

We want to move into Tik Tok! We haven’t started positing videos but we have a few videos to create. Also we are planning on implementing a loyalty program around providing a discount for those who buy a certain amount! For me, it’s important for us to continually post content. We haven’t posted enough but the restaurant has done a great job at providing for the community. They have provided food for hospitals and religious events! I’m looking forward to helping more and I will update everyone once I have more to say! Stay tuned!

If anyone has any suggestions for marketing restaurants and could provide some suggestions, it would be appreciated!


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