Marketing Across The Globe Part 1: Gamification


Gamification. My first example of marketing by gamification came when I was in kindergarten. The M&M candy company had a race car game in which players would get new cars and new M&M’s. This was such a fun time for me as a kid and my first taste of marketing. I was so inclined to get some M&M candy, in fact I would beg my parents for some everyday!

Marketing is changing ladies and gentlemen. Gamification is not a kindergarten game anymore. Hundreds of brands across the globe are implementing marketing strategies that will keep there customers entertained! In this post we will look at some of my favourite examples of gamification from across the world!

Gamification In Chinese Retail


With several retail chains closing doors, it’s time to take some lessons from some of the greatest marketers ever. The Chinese.

They have done a great job at appealing to the younger generation. Some examples have included: WeChat-friendly photo booths, AI-powered makeup mirrors, and a variety of Gashapon machines(Definition provided, I had no clue). These are just some of the ways the future is starting to look for those brands that want to drive change and attention!

We are in a era of marketing in which we have to take lessons from everyone. Whatever works should be implemented. In a country with 604 million mobile gamers. It’s high time to take advantage of the opportunity! Let us all look to China as a example of how retails can adapt!

Gamification In Brazil Tourism


Gamification is everywhere! Brazil has taken advantage of this time and have built games to tell others about the different places in this beautiful country!

How do they use it? In a game called Brasil Quest. This game allows users to take a adventure through the country and see the many sights. It’s a awesome way to make tourism fun! This is just one of the examples of how gamification can change an industry.

Travelling is already fun but how do you keep someone’s interest during a pandemic? You create a mobile game for those who are interested in learning about the culture and history involved in a country!

Gamification In The United States


From loyalty programs to tapping into the competitive spirit of your audience. USA has developed tons of awesome examples of gamification. These have become staples for so many brands across the globe!

Two examples that come to my mind are Nike and Starbucks. Nike has allowed customers to play games with there friends and have inspired competition. This competition has increased sales and has led to a increase in engagement!

Starbucks is another example of gamification because they have made loyalty, fun! They have created a loyalty program that has allowed people to play games and communicate with friends.

The future is full of uncertainty. It’s refreshing to see how marketing has changed based on a new generation!


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