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How To Market Restaurants During COVID

Restaurant food has taken a hit over the course of this virus scare. In this post I would like to offer some simple strategies that can turn this around! I will examine some of these restaurants and offer some advice and suggestions that can help with business.


Create A Social Circle

Creating a social circle means building your presents online and branding yourself based on your customers. It’s easier said then done. I have taken some lessons out of Gary Vee’s handbook by recommending this.

One of Gary Vee’s favourite marketing tactics is his ability to build a social circle through tea time in the mornings. He goes on live chats almost everyday and takes people’s questions and concerns. It’s important for brands to do the same. Be aware of your social circle because you never know when they will pop into your restaurant one day.

It’s very important for restaurant owners to look past the hardship and find a way to stay loyal to fans. One of these ways would be to organize a live show on LinkedIn, Instagram, Tik Tok or Facebook. These are platforms that will bring engagement and they will provide the extra boost needed for your business to succeed!


Don’t Just Be “A Restaurant

Be more then what your customers may think you are! You’re not just a restaurant. You’re a place we’re people come to share stories, live life, and have fun!


Restaurants do not need to just be a restaurant. I have seen tons of restaurants in my area that have rented there space to people and have given people a reason to come back. I feel restaurant owners should try to look behind the idea of just offering food and start embracing a service.

People come to restaurants because work is hard, because they want to get out of the house and most importantly they want to eat! So offer alternatives to what is on the menu, bring the secret menu out and let everyone grab a piece of it!

Here is another wild idea by yours truly! Try creating farms inside the restaurant and advertise that you have fresh food and food that has been grown in the store. Plant the seeds of value! Be a restaurant that embraces everything in this world.

Collaborate With Other Local Restaurants

This one is awesome. I love when local restaurants look for help and guidance from those around them. You can make a Facebook group, meetup group and organize a zoom call. This is a way to unite everyone and provide the keys to collaborative workplaces!


Take into consideration the restaurants in your area! These are people that may be walking in your shoes or have been in your shoes before and know how to get out. The best place to network and learn information is through reaching out!

It doesn’t take too much effort to make a change in someone else’s life and business. Be a empathetic to others and provide kindness through guidance at every turn, during this time!

Embrace Your Community

The last piece of advice is community building! Spicy N South (Check out my post on them here) recently provided a service for a hospital. This was a great act that has lead to even more business for them down the line.


It doesn’t always have to be giving food or drinks. Restaurants can plant trees, help with other restaurants, donate to charities, and do other random acts of kindness for others!

Kindness builds buzz but it also just makes you feel awesome about yourself! What if a restaurant decided to do random acts of kindness for a month? They wore there restaurant shirts and went out to the city to help in any aspect possible! This isn’t just a publicity move, it’s a level of kindness that makes people want to do the same!


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