3 Reasons Why Diamonds Can Make You A Better Marketer


Diamonds are one of the biggest marketing scams in the history of mankind. This is a product that has been seen at every single wedding. I recently watched a explained documentary about this phenomenon.

To even think about getting another ring for your significant other is frowned upon! Why is this so? Well because of marketing! Here are 3 things you can learn from marketing diamonds.

Take Advantage Of Tough Situations


The story of diamonds goes like this. Diamonds are not valued by many people at all in the beginning, they hire a advertising agency during the Great Depression and it’s now a house hold name.

They learned how to use a tough situation like The Great Depression and use it to there advantage! This has paid huge dividends for them as we now can’t live a life without buying one.

Go ahead and try to buy another piece of jewelry for your partner and see if they still respect you. It’s changed, times have changed and it’s all because of a advertising agency that made the slogan: Diamonds are forever!

It was in commercials, songs, everywhere! It was the beginning of a transformation from the tradition. We must all learn to have this effect on people!

Use The Power Of Collaboration


One of the greatest tools used for marketing diamonds was collaboration!

Artist, singers, and rappers are just some of the influencers that have been monumental in this brand!

Who hasn’t heard of Jacob the jeweller from all of Jay Z’s songs?

Not only rappers but in the early days, artist like Pablo Picasso would draw pictures depicting diamonds. This would lead to the idea of diamonds being works of Art!

Make Your Own Value


Diamonds define value by investing time into talking about the many variables of there product!

Think about 45 carat, yellow, blue, etc. These are things that are created by a marketing agency to add value!

I find this story insane because it has transformed us into thinking that these diamonds are some of the most rarest pieces of jewelry in the world!

This is just another example of how marketing has been the driving force for humankind!

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