50 Activities You Can Do To Boost Your Brand Today!

  1. Make a podcast
  2. Network through all social media accounts
  3. Reply to comments
  4. Respond at fast! Consider using a chat bot or personal assistant.
  5. Make a tik tok
  6. Post on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok etc. Daily!
  7. Build a blog
  8. Take a break for idea generation
  9. Read books related to your field
  10. Read books not related to your brand
  11. Don’t be afraid of failure
  12. Use your family for motivation
  13. Visit expos and conferences
  14. Take your time
  15. Make t shirts with your logo
  16. Build a e-commerce store on your website
  17. Make a website
  18. Post engaging content
  19. Post about your day
  20. Make content unrelated to your work
  21. Go on a vacation for better perspective and new ideas
  22. Spend time gardening. Which has been known for meditation
  23. Read crush it by Gary vee
  24. Take inspiration from the most unorthodox places
  25. Hire a videographer on fiverr
  26. Learn photoshop
  27. Learn UX design
  28. Become a Google Adsense guru, Facebook paid ads pro and use paid ads to generate more leads! (More on this later)
  29. Take advantage of tough situations
  30. Make a YouTube account and make interesting content
  31. Use empathy to reach your audience
  32. Hire more employees to buy your time back
  33. Use ContentRow.com for engaging titles
  34. Canva for easy designs
  35. Watch Grant Cardone videos for real estate and marketing tips
  36. Later is a app that will schedule your social media post
  37. Use picmonkey to create a awesome logo design and banners
  38. Unsplash for free stock images (remember to give credit)
  39. Do zoom calls with people in your industry
  40. Do not just research online, prospect for a mentor!
  41. Stay up to date on your industry and do not fall behind!
  42. Keep up with new technology that can impact the way you do business
  43. Organize yourself through a weekly journal. Go through a week and find ways to improve the following week.
  44. Use hashtags on your videos that are related to your content!
  45. Do your work for free. Humble yourself and find local businesses that would love to have your services!
  46. Use info graphics that are interesting and will bring conversation
  47. When making a blog post remember to have a engaging title and content that stays consistent and brings conversation!
  48. Focus a great deal of your time on branding. Your packaging is just the tip of ice berg. Make sure you take the time to focus on your customers and provide value to them!
  49. Make videos. Long videos that can either be cut and placed into tik toks, podcast, LinkedIn post, and other social media accounts!
  50. Above all else. The single greatest thing you must remember. Have fun and enjoy the journey of building a legacy through your brand!

What are you favourites? What would you add?

Happy Monday!


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