5 Ways To Help You Start Making Brand Videos

You want to bring more engagement to your blog, brand or office? Start positing videos!

Start posting!

For me, I have been practicing my video making and I am excited to bring these videos to you soon. For now, I would like to share some of the tips and suggestions that have helped me make videos in front of a camera.

Remember The Camera Is Here To Help You

Who wants some leads?

Idk about everyone else but I sometimes become terrified when it comes to positing videos. The idea of so many people staring at me causes room for concern.

What helps? Well I have felt confident when I see the camera as a tool that I can use to build. The camera is literally one of the most important tools in the world. It’s important for us to see it as a tool that will help us build our brand.

Remember this when you are taking too long to order at a restaurant. Remember the waiter is here to help you. Do not be afraid to ask them for help with your order!

Target Your Videos


You’re not making this video for everyone. Target your audience and be able to make videos that will appeal to a specific audience!

If you are making a video about your favourite hockey player and you start ranting about something off topic, this may make people lose interest.

Be committed to what you would like people to know about you and your video!

Write Talking Points, Not Scripts


I’ve seen so many videos of people so clearly reading from a paper. For me it’s much less robotic when people just have talking points.

You must be able to convey an idea through talking points. Write down some main points that you feel you would really love to speak about. Then while you’re making the video you will be able to make adjustments more swiftly!

Keep It Simple

How many videos are you positing per week?

My biggest problem with making videos is ranting. I find when I make videos, I have so much to say and this means I never stay on topic!

Do not be like me, try your best to keep it simple. Shorter videos and a simpler message have made tons of people on Tik Tok geniuses. Take the time to cut out parts of your video that may come across as ranting. Be able to make a clear video with a simple but powerful message.

Make A Call For Action


I follow several people on Tik Tok that have used a very effective style of video making. This is the call to action method.

Have you ever seen a YouTuber say “Like and follow for more tips”, “Please leave comments”, or “Subscribe”!

These are all call to actions for the viewer and they are one of the most effective ways of building your brand through video. This comes with identifying what your goal of the video will be. Identify your goal and at the end of the video, engage with your audience with a call to action!


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