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3 Ways To Diversify Your Real Estate Marketing Efforts Before It’s Too Late


Real estate agents have one of the most coveted positions. I myself have been flirting with the idea of becoming a realtor and before the year is out I will have my license!

When it comes to marketing real estate, I have always been one to think about how realtors can do it better. How can you reach and engage your customers while promoting your services?

In this post I will list 3 ways a person can diversify there real estate marketing.

Be A Online People Pleaser


There is no surprise of that online selling will begin to rise as more cases of the virus spread. A realtor needs to be able to keep there clients and fans involved through building connections online!

Put your face every where. I’m talking websites, webinars, zoom calls, and social media. A majority of people just want to talk to someone these days. If you can find a way to connect with them through your person brand then you’re golden!

For example, I recently followed a realtor from Dubai who literally made an entire video series. He dedicated this to his business and he is constantly attracting people who are interested in the game!

Think of any brand on the planet. How did they make a name for themselves? They were people pleasers who made people feel more comfortable. You need to do the same!

Use Forums, Meetups and Groups


This is the most undervalued form of marketing. Building a community around you and constantly marketing a service around you.

This form of marketing opens the gates for customers to file right in!

Think about every group you have joined. You probably joined for so many reasons but you stayed in that group because you were interested in what was next! The same applies for realtors. Take the time to build a community through these mediums and watch as your success grows!

People want to be able to buy from a community member who is genially helping them succeed. Groups, meetups, and forums will only increase in marketing value.

Hire People To Buy Time For More Marketing


Over the last couple of weeks, I have had people create so many different aspects of my business.

It’s endless of how many tasks you can hire someone to do for you! You need better video? Find a cheap videographer on Fiverr. Need someone to write your blogs for you? Hire a freelancer.

The opportunities are endless and realtors need to talk advantage. Hire someone to make a podcast, YouTube videos, new listing newsletters. Find someone to do the everything for you for a fraction of the cost!

Diversifying you’re real estate marketing takes time and effort. Place yourself above your competition by reading this article!

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