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My Ideas For Marketing To Foreign Investors


It’s no surprise that the real estate market in Toronto is impacted to a large extent by foreign investors.

Non residents owned 7.9 percent of Vancouver condos and 7.2 percent of Toronto condos (Bloomberg)

What makes real estate in Canada so attractive and how can you leverage this to help your business grow?

Why do foreign investors continue to pay the 15 percent tax for a life in Canada?

Let’s dive into it!

Advertise The Idea Of A Safe Haven


Property in Vancouver and Toronto have been seen as a safe haven for several foreign investors. We must be able to advertise the idea of investing into preserving your wealth.

Wealthy foreign investors prefer Canada because it gives them the ability to benefit and save!

Be able to zero into to this fact in your social media ads and video promos.

Get Familiar With Foreign Investors

We must be able to join forums and be able to advertise ourselves on foreign social media.

One of the most popular social media accounts in China is Wechat. So this is just one of the exams of social media that you can use to go after foreign investors!

Speak In There Language

You’re not going to be able to go after these people without speaking to them in there own language. Be able to translate your websites, videos, and blog post. This will make more people interested in doing business with you.

For me, I have been learning Spanish to become more attractive to Spanish people in my area!

It may take time to influence people and win friends but it can be very profitable for your business.


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