5 Essential Copyrighting Tips For High End Marketers

How long should my Facebook post be? What length on Twitter will help me build the most engagement for my brand? What captions will put me on the biggest stage on Instagram?

These are just some of the many questions we need to start asking ourselves before we continue to make new articles and captions. Its all comes to down to planning and understanding how we can bring value to those around us. Do you feel you could build a bigger community through the use of better copyrighting? I hope you do because copyrighting can make or break your business.

Today we discuss how copyrighting can be used to improve your business practices and how thinking about caption first can truly be a difference maker in a business. Prepare yourself because if you can execute these 5 tips you can create massive engagement for your brand!

Plan your content ahead of time

Here is a easy one. Plan your content before posting it to the world. This a essential step in the right direction to customer heaven. You can literally be at the top of the food chain with better planning. You are not going to build Rome in a day but you can plan it so well in the next 24 hours. Be able to take the time to plan out: The format, the talking points, and the audience you are trying to reach with your writing.

Develop the post design and template

silver iMac with keyboard and trackpad inside room

When I make a blog post, I think of the landscape of the post. Where I am going to put a video or picture. The positioning of your media can either increase your engagement or decrease clients. I have found that the best way to establish a relationship is through providing content that has been positioned for success. Be able to create a experience for your clients, they want to read but they also want to feel they haven’t wasted there day reading.

Create your post with a warm photo and then identify how your copyrighting can keep that same tone.

Pay attention to trending content and your competitors

When it comes to posting engaging captions, you can add so much value through change! Be able to show relevant content by learning from those around you.

I read something recently in the book “Guerrilla Marketing” that a business used the power of its competitors to boost its own brand. The business was 7UP. 7UP used the power of its competitor Cola to create a awesome copyrighting advertisement seen below. This worked wonders for 7UP as they were able to kill the soda game for a few months. 🙂

An early Uncola ad: "A hotdog and . . . The Uncola?"

Consider optimizing your keywords, hashtags, and less formal wording

assorted-color lear hanging decor

Hashtags, keywords, and less formal language boost profit. It allows you to unlock a new segment for your business.

Hashtags allow you to enter a conversation and help you network with more individuals that would love to engage with your content. Never underestimate the power of hashtags.

Key words are subjective but can also boost your engagement. Think about learning your customers likes and dislikes and plan your key words accordingly!

Teleport your readers using storytelling

The final tip is teleportation! Readers want to be sent to another location when they read your blog post or caption. Use words like the following: “Standing a crossroads” “What if you were..”. These key phrases make your readers think more. It makes them feel like they are reading a story rather then a post.

These are just some of the many ways you can engage with your customers through copyrighting.

As you can tell, I am still learning and trying my best to use these same tips to grow businesses.

If you would like to learn about how I can grow your marketing, reach out to me cole@propmarketer.com!


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