Here Is What We Can Learn From The Wealthiest Real Estate Agents


I find it interesting that the top real estate agent in the world has built his wealth through the use of a cloud based listing platform. This shows me that their is more to real estate then meets the eye. You can’t expect to be the best or highest earner by using the conventional ways of selling.

One does not make it anywhere by just getting by and settling for the base pay. For top earning realtors, the life of a realtor is more then just the the buying and selling of the home.

One example of this comes from Ben Caballero. He is the first and only agent in the US to exceed $1 billion for residential sales transaction volume in a single year. Ben started real estate at a young age and never looked back. Now he makes billions and it all comes down to his dedication to do it different.

Lessons From The Wealthy

I have recently been listening to the following podcast: “Luxury Listing Specialist Podcast with Michael LaFido”. In the podcast he brings on some of the wealthiest in the industry.

I have learned the following two points so far:

These are just some of the quick points from the podcast. As I learn more about this space, I hope to inspire others to do the same. Real estate can be a massive vehicle that can provide for your family and leave a lasting legacy.

UPDATE: What is the best piece of advice you have gotten on real estate and who gave it to you? I would love to know!

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