3 Ways Netflix Can Make You Into A Marketing Machine


How do you spend your down time? What happens when you get bored on a Saturday night? Well for millions of people across the globe, the cure for boredom has been a company called Netflix!

Netflix has become a global success. They have amassed millions of followers on social media and are constantly looking to innovate! Today we will look at some of the ways Netflix can help you market your product or service at a high level.

Be Proactive With Your Marketing


Marketing is all about being proactive. If you want to be taken serious within this entire process you need to be able to commit.

Be able to go door to door and literally listen to what people have to say about your brand. Back in the 1990s, Netflix would ask people on the phone about there products and services. They would go to even greater lengths and bring people coffee to gain valuable information about there product.

Do you think you could be this deliberate? Well this might be what it takes to get a product off the ground. Be able to be fearless and love the idea of the hunt for information.

Listen & Engage With Your Audience

Netflix has amassed millions of followers on its social media accounts for a reason. You must understand that this company has literally build there business on entertainment.

They constantly go out of there way to entertain followers through listening and engaging!

According to Netflix, there is a new Netflix social media post 3 and a half times a day. They constantly find new ways to make themselves more appealing to its main audience.

Here are some examples below:

Twitter Humour
Instagram Challenges

Commit To Making Powerful Content

Netflix has spent billions on new content for there services. It has paid off (for the most part). They have used there dedication to content generation to boost its brand.

Netflix has been a huge believer in creating content that moves people. They have never been afraid to throw money at something that they believe in.


The company has taken stands on issue with there services and they have done there best to be kind to there fans.

For anyone looking for a brand that they can imitate, look no further then Netflix.

I appreciate this brand and how they have been able to continuously help people find the content they enjoy. Through algorithms, social media, and proactive measures they have build a brand that will have a lasting legacy on us all.

Comment below what else you have seen with Netflix and how you can use there methods to boost your brand!

P.S. If there are any translators who can translate my text into Spanish, Italian, or French, please reach out to me at Cole@propmarketer.com


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