Let’s Simplify SEO For Everyone

Search engine optimization is a set of words that has become so powerful for marketers of all forms. We have been able to built brands on the back of this and it has dramatically changed the shape of our brands. SEO is the phrase used to describe the amount of attention that you can garner on search engine sites such as Google.

Google has set itself a part from all other search engine optimization tools and thus has become the leading focus. Tools such as Google analytics and Google ads have been used to track our efforts in SEO and Pay Per Click ads (PPC).

In a effort to get your site or business on the front pages of Google we have to pay attention to the following two subjects:

Now these are not the only two factors in determining if you have a winning SEO ranking. We must also pay close attention to website loading speeds, landing pages, and new trends in our industry that may enhance or deter our efforts in SEO.

Today I will take you through a walk through of what I have seen from companies and some of the many benefits SEO can have on your business.

Why Do Companies Care So Much About SEO?


First batter on the mound is “Why SEO”. Why do companies love for you to learn it and want everyone to monitor trends as they come?

Well the obvious answer is this, the higher your SEO ranking the more eye balls and thus the more conversions. Companies want as many people as possible clicking on there landing pages, purchasing services, signing up for newsletters, and placing phone calls. If you can do something that will help this effort, speak up!

How Does PPC Work In All This?


Rocky is coming in for round 2! So the second talking point is PPC or pay per click. This is a essential part to understand for everyone because it’s all about utilizing the budget to boost the brand.

You do not want to mess with the budget of a company. Which is why it’s so important to look out for candidates who have done the certificates like google analytics and may have a better understanding of how these ads are tracked.

Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads and so on, all allow you to manage these pay per click ads. This allows your company to boost posts, business services and understand how much you pay per customer click.

For example, I recently paid for a Facebook ad to get more eyes on my blog. Here’s the breakdown of how it works:

First Things First, Choose Your Audience!
Next, Choose Your Budget, Duration, And Execute!

It’s a relatively simple process and there are several platforms that offer several different types of PPC ads! Learn them, get certified, and start promoting your interest.

Why You Need To Stay Updated On SEO & PPC

New platforms are out there. What has worked in the past, may not work in the future. This is why we stay update on the most current PPC ads in the market and which social media platforms are rolling there’s out!

Speaking of which, Tik Tok has recently released some PPC ads for its users which may be your new outlet for your business!

As our landscape continues to change with different events, media outlets and social channels, we are constantly forced to optimize our SEO approach. To stay relevant and provide quality content we must continue to locate key words and continue to think of our customers values to drive conversation.

I hope this post has motivated you to learn more about SEO and it’s benefits for your business!

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