Should You Be Using Facebook PPC To Grow? 100% Yes.


So I tried a bit of experiment recently to boost some views on this blog.

I created a Facebook ad. A real easy experiment that actually became very fruitful for research! I was able to increase my views on this little blog to pretty awesome heights. To be fair, I’m new within this blog sphere and Im excited to show you some of the results.

I’m going to show you why Facebook Pay Per Click can be so effective and how it can help with your research!

What Were Some Of The Findings?

Well the ad was for a blog post about how Netflix (A popular streaming service) can make you into a marketing machine.

What was I expecting? I was expecting people in my age group from 25-34 and 18-24 to really love this.

The opposite happened:

People in the 35-54 bracket loved the content!

Some Conclusions?

I can conclude a few things from these findings:

  1. The article heading wasn’t attention grabbing enough
  2. The article was a bit longer and didn’t include any video content

We have seen that people in my age bracket definitely indulge in a lot of Netflix but to read a entire 3 min article about it? Maybe not the best use of time for that age bracket.

Also my age bracket definitely enjoy information that is straight to the point. This article went in some circles.

Why Did The 34-54 Bracket Love It?

Well Netflix is a big brand. It’s definitely popular among my age bracket which means it will definitely be popular among those that want to stay informed. I find it’s important for this demographic to constantly stay informed through whatever medium it might be!

What Can You Take From This?

Facebook ads is a super popular PPC. Take a look at how many people I actually reached for the 20$ spent!

You should definitely be utilizing this form of PPC for your brand. It’s a awesome approach for those who want to reach as many people as possible.

Stay tuned as I try out more PPC’s on my limited budget!

Yes you can laugh at my number of clicks per reach but still that’s almost 4K!

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