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The Most Proven Ways To Increase The Value Of A Property


We all want to enjoy the place we live. We want the ability to receive the most bang for our buck when it comes to selling our property.

For all of us, this means we need to be able to find new ways to increase the value of our property.

Nobody wants to waste time doing a large sum of work for very little reward. It’s obvious we all need this list I’m about to show you below.

1. Addition Basement Entrance

The most obvious addition to our home is the basement entrance. How can this new basement entrance increase the value of the home? Well the single most obvious reason is as follows:

Basement apartments have been the cream of the crop when it comes to building additional income. This being said there a lot of drawbacks with this way of increasing the value of your home. Let’s look at this one below.

There are a lot of regulations before someone can actually classify there basement as finished or suited for public use. Constantly, I see new homes on the market that say “finished basement” I think to myself… this doesn’t always mean you can increase your homes value. We need to remember to comply with home regulations to go through with this venture! Globe&mail write a great article about this here.

This being said, having a finished basement.. once everything has been worked out… can increase your home to a high degree!

2. Hardwood Flooring


This should have been the first one. Hardwood flooring is easily the most effective way to build more value for your home.

Apparently 54% of home buyers are willing to pay extra to pay more for hardwood flooring. This is according to national association realtors.

People want to come home to a beautiful floor in there apartment, condo, or home. It’s a must and it’s a must if you’d like to sell your home for a higher price!

3. Painting Your Home


Spend the extra money and get your house painted before you put it on the market.

And please, please, please have it professionally done. This can be your bread and butter if you want to have a increase in value on your home.

Too many times I see people trying to save money on this important part of your home. My suggestion? Spend whatever it takes to get your house done right!


Want more suggestions? Stay tuned for more real estate news and marketing content that will help you sell!

P.S. If you are a realtor and looking for a personal assistant or business partner, I am available and can be reached at cole@propmarketer.com


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