Read This If Backlinks Are Missing From Your SEO Campaign


What the hell are backlinks? Why are they important? How can they give me better SEO for my brand? Sit tight. I’ll tell you how!

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are those tiny little links that several bloggers, social lights, influencers and just about every Tik Tok pro used to promote!

These are used so often and I think you have already clicked one in the last few hours.

According to, Backlinks are links created to link one website to another(Like what I just did).

These links are highly effective. Why? Because people love to fact check. So often we take the time to read a fact from a certain site and then determine if the person is actually telling the truth.

Our curiosity is the precise reason these Backlinks get so many clicks on blogs and media post. I’ll show you why it’s important for your company.

Why Should You Be Using Them?


Backlinks allow you to look like the creme de la creme, the best of the best and a pro in your topic.

When it comes to search engine optimization, Backlinks provide your site or service with awareness on some of the most coveted places like Google.

For example, if you were to (miraculous) be backlinked on a popular news site like Forbes, you would instantly be a viral success. Your brand would grow tremendously as more and more people click on your link. You will be seen as a expert and people love to hear from the pros.

Now that we have seen why it’s so important to have Backlinks, let’s look at how you can boost your efforts to get some more!

How Can Your Business Get More Backlinks?

Well the simple solution would be to email me at but let’s dive into it a little deeper then that.

Backlinks are no easy feat. You have to build a audience and network with other brands who can help you grow!

One tip I have used in the past to increase my backlinks is to reach out to the people that you have credited on your blog. Whether it be a photo you credited or a fact you have taken. People love to be credited and one way for you to look good is to tell someone else how good they look!

Reach out to that photographer and tell them this: “Love your work, I have recently used one of your photos on my blog, it would mean the world to be if you would read my post, also could you link my blog on your site?” Believe it or not, people love to feel important and this is one way to let them feel wonderful about themselves!



You want to take backlinks seriously. They have provided so much attention to brands and business across the globe. Each time you get the urge to credit someone, remember to let that person know. The word of mouth alone will do wonders for your brand.

Increase your backlinks by making others feel important, educating yourself on backlinks basics, and taking the time to reach out to others in your industry!

You will be surprised at the results,

Reach out to me for all marketing services including photography, videography, SEO, and social media management at


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