The Secret To Keeping Up With New Marketing Mediums


Instagram Reels, Tik Tok, Facebook VR. Who knows what will appear in the next few years as new mediums for marketing continue to unfold.

The title of this blog post is “The secret to keeping up” with these new mediums but this is not exactly what you should be focused on.

You see, these mediums are tools. They are here to promote your business. By understanding your why and understanding the message you would like to show to your audience, this is when you conquer these mediums.

Nobody ever wants to be left in the dark when it comes to a new medium and it’s hard to keep up with everything. It’s even harder to listen to people preach that you have to be on all of these platforms.

Today we focus on the next option. We focus on how you can create a message for your clients that can create organic reach for your brand. Be a business that focuses on the why rather then the next best medium.

Make A Plan For Yourself

Taken By Me

You’re not going to build Rome in two shakes so write down your business. Be specific about what you would like your audience to know about your business. Be able to tell someone what your business is doing in a 1 min span.

Maybe your struggling to find your why like me and my business. You know what helps with that? Brainstorming, writing down everything you think people should know, take a piece of paper and just start blurting out everything that comes to your head.

Once you have everything on paper, you are ready to pick and choose which topics to focus on. You will then find your why and the message you would like to promote all over social media.

You Have Your Message, What Now?

What is there left to do when you figured out WHY you want to do it? Well I’d start by promoting it on a social media platform of your choice.

The big mistake people make here is that they feel they have to be on all platforms like now! Well news flash, the sky will not fall if you don’t make a Twitter, Tik Tok or Facebook. All you need is one medium that you will be the expert on.

Be able to produce content on that platform or medium daily, make the platform your domain, your playground for the foreseeable future. You’re ready to promote your brand and make someone proud to be your client.

As long as you have a message and people resonate with that message, it won’t matter what platform you are on. People love to be a part of something, weather that be your “why” is up to you. You must be able to create something that elicits emotion. Which is easier said then done.


photography of mountain range and seashore during daytime

So as we have discussed. The medium isn’t the most important part of your campaign or your business. The most important aspect of the business is the message you want people to resonate with. Be the person that is focused on creating quality content for your clients on platforms that you can understand.

This may seem like I’m asking you to “stay in your lane” but really I feel like it’s more important for you to get back to the basics. Get back to what you loved about working on your business. Put yourself in a place where no matter who comes or what medium comes around, you will not worry about being a expert on it.

Be able to make your own lane in a sea of sheep.

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