10 Reasons Why LinkedIn Is The King Of Social Media


I’ve heard it all since I’ve started working on my personal brand these days. “Why are you posting so much”, “Focus on other things”, “Not a good use of your time”.

The truth is…. they are properly right but for the sake of this blog post we will focus on why you should either already be using LinkedIn to create your personal brand or start using it. LinkedIn has been a great tool for people who are looking to make a mark with their business. Not only your business, LinkedIn has also become the greatest place to tell everyone about yourself and create organic reach.

From networking to jobs to promotion, LinkedIn is being used now more then ever as a social media powerhouse. There isn’t a platform that can offer you so much by just posting. I’ve been able to have so many Zoom calls with industry experts, created genuine partnerships with people, build awareness for my business, and just have fun on this platform.

My hope is for this post to motivate you to start using this application for the right reasons! Below I will give you a list of everything that has made LinkedIn such a important platform for your brand.

You Generate THE MOST Leads From LinkedIn

Checkmate. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram fail in comparison to LinkedIn’s ability to generate leads. According to this site called Kinsta, HubSpot found that LinkedIn is 277% more effective at generating leads for your business.

Need I say more?


Networking Is Encouraged

Linkedin offers you something no other platform can offer you. They offer you the ability to not only make followers but also create genuine connections with people. Since the beginning the platform has been able allowing little people like me, make a name for themselves in a sea of industry leaders.

LinkedIn encourages you to take the platform and speak to whom ever you want and gets you in the face of those who want to listen to you.

Want to know where to find these billionaires on LinkedIn? Check this out.

Create Genuine Relationships


Literally, message whom ever you want on this platform. Through this platform I’ve been able to speak to some of the most kindest people. Through phone calls, email, Zoom calls, and future meetings, this platform will allow you to do way more then your average social media platform.

People on this platform literally just want to see you succeed. It’s not a platform for just job seekers anymore, people on LinkedIn just want to make quality connections. Directors, entrepreneurs, investors, any person you can think of, they all have LinkedIn accounts.

I remember Obama speaking about LinkedIn in his last correspondence dinner briefly. It’s not just a social media platform anymore. LinkedIn is yours, so you can create relationships with positive people.

You can check out that Obama video here!

Consult With Industry Experts


Big facts here today! 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn according to OMNICORE. Of course these are not all “industry experts” but it does show you can definitely consult that business idea with people who can offered to financial support you!

This has to be the main selling point for this application. As more industry leaders start to make LinkedIn accounts, you will be able to comment and reach out to anyone that you feel could push you forward.

Unlike Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, these industry experts are much more approachable.

Most people want to keep this professional image on LinkedIn and not cross any boundaries, for me I’d say forget all that! LinkedIn is a place where you can gain the attention of people who actually matter to your future. Take a break from scrolling on a Instagram feed and watching videos from people showing off their moms car and get on LinkedIn and talk to CEO’s.

Become A Copywriting Genius

LinkedIn has a article writing feature. I had no idea about this for a very long time and I was so excited about this feature because it gives you the chance to literally become a storyteller.

Yes it says article but say you wanted to tell a person story about yourself to uplift someone or motivate someone? Say this story got shared to popular media outlets? Well boom bam, you’re writing from the New York Times.

Want to know how LinkedIn can change your life? Check this post out.

Find Your Dream Job

This ones easy. According to Zety, 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to check on candidates. You need to be on this platform and you’re doing a disfavour to yourself by not using it already!

Build Communities Through Positivity


Groups on LinkedIn can be used to help you join communities that you feel interest you the most. You will constantly be in the know when it comes to people and places you actually have interest in.

Although other social media pages may have this same function, LinkedIn communities give you the ability to learn and create with others while taking part in webinars, zoom calls and meet ups.

For LinkedIn communities it just comes down to the quality of these group meetings.

Get Better Content Recognition

According to Omnicore, LinkedIn is the #1 channel B2B marketers use to distribute content at 94%!

People love LinkedIn and as I have been using it, I’ve been noticing why it’s such a great platform. LinkedIn rewards those that use the platform by allowing your post to show up days or weeks after it’s posted. If you are looking to up your content game, look no further!

Launch Your Life


Dozens of people have created lives through this platform. From Podcasters to videographers to writers to artist, I’m constantly finding more people who have made there lives by marketing on LinkedIn.

Get Curated Recommendations To Content That You Love


One of the greatest parts of LinkedIn is the recommendations, alerts and sharing that happens on the platform. LinkedIn takes Facebook approach of notifications and tells you about everything based on the people you follow and connect with.

Think about what this can do for your brand on a marketing standpoint. Whether you go live, someone shares your article, changes positions, or a change happens in your business, your connections will know. This can be awesome for your brand, you get instant recognition and you can base your content accordingly!

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