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Tips We Can Use To Move Forward In Life


The ultimate goal for us all is staying focused on a task at hand and moving in the direction we have chosen for ourselves!

We should all be making decisions that help us accomplish goals we set out for our lives.

Whether that goal is financial gain, finding positive friendships, or surrounding yourself with likeminded people. We should all try our best to have these goals that will push our lives forward!

Below we share some of the tips and advice we can all use to move forward in our lives.

Schedule Your Phone Time

Super important. Take the time for yourself. Think of the amount of time we all actually spend on our devices.

Take the time to actually schedule when you will actually use it. I’ve found that it makes life a lot easier when you are not completely controlled by it.

Wake Up And Exercise

You’ve heard this one before from every blogger known to man!

Get up and do some exercise. It’s going to be making happy, healthy and positive throughout your day.

It doesn’t even have to be a long time or anything. Just step outside and go for a 15 min run in the morning!

Send Reminders To Ourselves

Remaining organized is key when it comes to living a happier lifestyle for ourselves. We all struggle with this one. I’ve found it helpful to actually take the time to use that calendar on your phone.

Over the course of this month I’ve been heavily using my phone to plan out exactly which move to make next. It’s helped me tremendously so far!

Make Videos Of Yourself

This may be one of the ones you scratched your head on but truly this is necessary to push you forward. Think about what goes into making a video of yourself.

For me confidence, creativity and the ability to do something you will remember are just a few things I think are very important.

Surround Yourself With Positivity


Just think of your life down the line. Do you really want to keep the people in yourself that are always talking about death and doom and gloom? Find people that are optimistic about life and you will find happiness for yourself.

During the pandemic there has been many ways to find new friendships online. Now is the best time to find more positive people to surround yourself with!

Applications like Hi Right Now and Lunchclub can help you achieve this goal for yourself! Check them out and let me know what you think!

Change Your Environment

This one can be very powerful. I’ve the course of 2019, travelling to across Europe gave me this chance to change my environment. Now I would like you all to do the same.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be travelling for 6 months but can even be something small like studying in the library or at a coffee shop. Just take the time to actually change your environment and you will find the strength to move forward in life.

Be Relentless With Your Desires

I’ve had problems with this one for a long time because of the people around me. Take the time to truly just do what you say you’re passionate about!

You’re not going anywhere without taking that next step and the people around you should never affect these steps.

Our desires are OURS, when someone has a opinion on them, use it as fuel and continue your relentless journey.

Do Not Get Influenced By Others


This will be my final one. This is so hard for people my age. Everyone is so shy to do anything!

We should all look at the year 2020 as the year 1920. Think of how much opportunity there was back then. Several people were constantly getting rich off of new investments, inventions and businesses. 2020 is no different and neither will any year afterwards.

I say this to say that we have to start thinking about how much opportunity is around us. Instead of listening to the analysis, and the government and etc etc. Just focus on what you’re doing with your life!

If you have anything at all you would like to put into action, I encourage you to start doing it like right this moment. The only thing we have is now. Don’t be lead astray by the people around you or on social platforms.

The Bottom Line

We should all be cheering each other on.

We will always need someone to come along and push us forward in life. Take the time to be the person that genuinely wants to push others forward. The world will thank you for it!


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