3 Life Lessons From Studying Real Estate


For all of August I’ve been in the process of getting my real estate license in Ontario, Canada.

The process is a long one and the price definitely does not help.

Throughout my journey so far I’ve been calling brokerages, speaking to new realtors, helping realtors with marketing, and continually studying.

Throughout my studies I’ve noticed a few takeaways that I’d like to share!

Marketing Is Key In All Areas Of Life

This is so important in this space of work. As you are constantly finding new ways to market property and yourself through different areas and mediums of advertising.

What excites me most about being a realtor is the idea of marketing for yourself and building a business for you. For me, I’m so interested in the idea of marketing and constantly finding new ways to understand the people around me.

As you market, you’re constantly finding new ways to reach people and that is a quality that is important in the workplace and in your daily life.

Maintain Good Time Management

I’ve cold called over 10 to 20 brokers/salespersons/brokerages this month and I will be contacting even more as we round out this month.

One of the most common pieces of information I’ve received is that time management is so important.

Having time for your family and having time for yourself is so key because at a certain point real estate becomes your life.

By setting calendar dates, keeping track of your performance, and setting reminders, I’ve been able to increase my productivity and have more time for myself.

Be Honest And Be Respectful To Those Around You


Recently, in this first course of real estate I’ve noticed how important it is to just tell the truth to people around you.

Realtors must abide by a code of ethics and by doing this they are looking after the people that look for them for advice.

Being honest and being empathetic to your fellow person is so important in all walks of life.

People are genuinely happy to be around someone that literally just tells the truth. It doesn’t matter if you are a realtor or not, be kind to people around you and you will get that same kindness back!

Bottom Line


My real estate journey is literally just beginning and I’m overjoyed that these lessons are some of the most important parts of being a real estate salesperson.

There are few professions that make it a requirement to tell the truth, be honest and respect the people around you!

I’m looking forward to telling you all more about my journey to becoming a real estate agent in the near future.

Also check out “How To Win Friends And Influence People” for more lessons on just being a better person to people. I just finished reading it and it has opened my eyes to just being as genuine as possible with people.

Stay tuned for more life lessons in real estate!


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