The Secrets To Get People Excited About Your Industry


As my last blog revealed I have been studying to receive my real estate license since the beginning of this month. By calling brokerages and taking time to truly learn about the most important industry in the world, I have truly become excited about this industry.

For me, real estate excites me and presents a challenge to be better and to learn as much as I can to be successful.

This being said, you may not be in the real estate industry, you may be in the insurance industry or the pharmaceutical industry and you want to get people excited about it!

Well you have come to the right place, below I show you how you can make anyone excited about your industry.

Focus on How One Can Profit


Money. The biggest motivator. The one commodity that will continue to provide value to the entire planet.

Like the rest of the world, your customers, clients, and new employees all dream of financial freedom and wealth. My advice would be for you to show them how you can provide this for them.

In every industry there is a way to truly profit. Whether you are selling in real estate or insurance or pharmaceuticals, showing people how they can profit can do wonders for your industry.

For example, if you wanted to learn how to profit in real estate, you wouldn’t have to look far. There are countless people in this space that would love to share their knowledge of investing into this space. (Check out BiggerPockets if you’re interested in learning about real estate investing in a forum community)

Show people how they can profit and they will be motivated to work, and will get excited about a future within your industry.

Tell Others About Past, Present, And Future Success Stories

One of the best parts about entering into the real estate industry is the countless success stories from different youtube personalities and enthusiast.

These stories and people actually make the industry of real estate so much more exciting. Hearing about there journeys into real estate and learning about different courses that they offer in this space excites me.

One person in the real estate field that I really look up to so far is Ryan Serhant. Check out his youtube here. He is someone who has used his personal success story to really become popular and relevant within his space.

I have also seen other personalities in other fields like the medical industry that have captured my attention also. For example, there is a doctor on Facebook that talks and reviews different medical scenes from popular TV shows. He has amassed so much attention and his content is actually very interesting and informative! Check it out here.

So as you can see there are people in almost every industry finding new ways to excite others about the potentials within their fields.

As time goes on, I expect to see MANY more examples of people utilizing social media to tell there success stories within their industries.

Speak About The Keys To Success


If your successful in your industry and you have learned some lessons that you feel others could use to push themselves forward, tell somebody!

People love to receive advice regarding how they can improve themselves through masters in there industries.

I think we have all seen the popularity of these Masterclass workshops. People love to learn from people in the industry that have seen success.

If you’re a Director, Doctor, Yoga Instructor, or Pizza Delivery guy and you feel you have qualities that people can learn from, then do not hesitate to show the world.

You may be exciting your next apprentice in your industry!

Bottom Line

Tell people what they need to hear and they will sign up to hear it.

No matter the industry you are passionate about, make sure you are showing people how to profit from your work, sharing success stories, and giving the keys to push others forward.

In 2020, the best way to get people excited about something is through listening and giving the person what they want!

Be compelling and honest about what you can do for them and they will in turn get excited about your industry.


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