Hidden Tips For Objection Handling


So, some people actually think that objection handling should not exist. They think you should have everything sorted out with the sale that you should never have to do this.

I hold a different view to this. For me, objection handling is completely a member of the sales cycle.

When you speak with someone for your business you should already have a objection handle prepared. You should be able to understand the client well enough to put up with anything that may come your way.

In this one post I’d like to shine some light on some awesome tactics for making that big sale with your clients.

Focus On There Wants

So one of the main keys I’ve noticed In objection handling is focusing on who you are talking with.

Nothing else matters but the other person in the room. You need to continually probe and be well accustomed to the person and there wants and dislikes.

To give the customer what they want should be your main priority through the entire sales call.

For me, I’d focus in on those initial questions, try your best to ask relevant questions that help the customer and by doing that, helps you make the sale!

Want to figure out how you can ask relevant questions? Try looking up their social media accounts and seeing what they are excited about doing or seeing this year.

In my personal account at this, I once had a prospect that really liked that I had looked up her social media to see she had an interview where she talked about the challenges that the company had been facing. So it all takes a bit of digging but eventually you will find out the wants and needs of the client. Once you find them, you are on your way to making the sale!

According to Jordan Belford “Objections are merely smokescreens for uncertainty”. It’s up to us to minimize that uncertainty by understanding our clients point of view.


Be The Most Confident Version Of Yourself

One of the biggest factors in getting sales is confidence. For me I’ve noticed people really do respond to your ability to objection handle with some confidence.

Be the most confident person in the room and you will be able to answer any objections

If you can be confident enough to state your point of view, you will be able to possibly change your customers point of view.

In my experience I’ve seen people are more likely to speak with someone who can say what they want to say confidently.

It does not matter where you are in the world, confidence can be the one thing that will set you a part from your peers in this life.

One Tip For Confidence: Try to think of yourself as a person that people want to talk with, think of of yourself as a person of power who continues to receive request about speaking events. This will allow you to see yourself in a new light. Sometimes we need to change our situation to find out our true potential so this tip might help you do just that! Let me know if you tried it and the outcomes in the comments below!

The other person on the other line will seem a lot smaller when you think of them as someone who wants to hear what you have to say to them!

Approaching Objections Head On


What is the objection? State it. State it to the customer and face it at its worst.

Walk up to the dragons castle like Shrek but make sure to bring your trusted armour and donkey.

When facing objections head on, you are reassuring the customer that you hear them. You’re not just handling the objection but you’re also capturing there attention by letting them know that you understand.

Customers have loved when I acknowledge there hardships. For example, literally today I faced a challenge.

A customer didn’t want to pay the fees for our services. She said it was too expensive. I had to act fast and quick so I immediately thought about her budget.

Before she could hang up, I asked her this “What would be your budget maybe we can do something for you”. Guess what? We could. I ended up working on a deal for this customer to suit her budget.

This is how you gain a customer for life. Customers like these are the ones that come back and buy more in the future. Be the person that can work within the persons means and give the customer what they want!



There are many ways to handle objection and for me, there are many ways to get a customer forever.

Be the person that can understand the wants of the customer and honour that decision to help them.

Be that person that has the courage to be confident in different trials and tribulations.

Finally be the person that doesn’t run, get to the persons level and stay there. Hold there hand and walk them through to a promise land that they can enjoy!

Above all else, think about your customers. Nothing matters if your customer isn’t buying. Be mindful of what they may think of you and face all objections with there best interest at the forefront!

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