The Ultimate Ways To Make Sales Less Monotonous

Hi everyone! If you’re in sales (like me) and you’re experiencing the most common problem facing the sales industry, then listen up!

Not a day goes by that I do not get this same complaint about sales being monotonous and repetitive. It’s the most common excuse and it’s the reason why several people just quit.

I’m here to bring an alternative view point to this dilemma and today you will figure out how to truly appreciate sales.

I’ll give you the keys so you can open the door and develop your sales skills with some helpful tips from a amateur sales agent.

Study Customer Focused Selling & Know Your Customer Types


Customer focused selling is one of the most transferable skills I have learned from my time at my position. I genuinely look for key traits that identify who I am speaking with on the phone.

For those of you who do not know what this is, customer focused selling is basically catering your sales conversations based on the persons personality type.

There are 4 types: director, realtor, socialist, and thinker. Now I won’t get into all of them but basically the way to make sales less monotonous is to identify who is speaking, and change/adjust the conversation accordingly.

You’re going to find that you’re always looking out for that type of person the next call. It provides something to look forward to on every call and it allows you to pay attention to something!

Be Genuinely Interested In The Person You’re Speaking With


Okay, so I work for a junk company at O2E brands and let me tell you, things get weird.

This position has really taught me that you can literally learn so much by literally just listening to the other person you’re speaking to. Building relationships with people can be so beneficial to your call and learning about weird aspects of a persons life can make work more fun.

For me, I find the unknown interesting. We all have little bits of our lives that make us unique and if you can find that on a call, it can be so fulfilling.

Make a effort to continually zero in on who you are speaking with because you never know the conversation you can have with someone.

Pick ANYTHING That You Slightly Find Interesting & Ask About it


Okay so Cole what about the times when you literally can’t find anything that’s interesting in the call?

Well consider this. In the grand scheme of things, this is just a call and a person you may never meet other then on the phone.

You should try your best to realize what you’re doing here. You’re speaking to someone who may never speak to you, ever. This thought alone gets me excited for the next call. Knowing that your life has brought you two together in this quick 3 min, 10 min or 1 hour call.

You may never have this moment again so find anything that you find interesting and ask them about it.

Make Them Feel Important


Yup you read that right. Make them feel like they just walked into the first ever screening of The Dark Knight and they don’t know anything about how amazing the movie is going to be.

Be engaged in the conversation and be a person that makes someone feel lucky that they picked up the phone.

Now how do you do this? Just be human. Realize the situation and try your best to help them at all cost. Look out for there best interest and provide the best alternative they can imagine for there dusty old rug.

You’re the salesperson at the end of the day and at the end of their day they better want to speak with you a second time!

Bottom Line


And thats the bottom line cause Stone Cold says so (Sorry force of habit).

Anyway so as we have read, the bottom line is we need to stop looking at sales as this repetitive game that we play 100 times on our shift.

Think of sales as a opportunity, a opportunity for you to make a difference in the other persons life.

You’re a salesperson, never forget to get the sale at the end but you’re also a human being.

For me, sales will be the job of the future. It doesn’t get old. We are constantly soaking up new information that make it more fun to sell to the other person.

Just remember, the one advantage you have over a monotonous bot is your ability to provide human interaction to someone who needs it the most!


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