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10 Most Unique Places To Market Your Brand

Let’s get right to the point. You need to build a brand in 2021 and you are running out of places to do it! As this pandemic continues to wage war on our favourite networking events, it may seem harder to find the right places to truly connect with your audience.

We see the normal places that Youtube Guru’s say you should build your brand but today, you will receive the types of places that will really help your brand grow from the ground up.

It doesn’t matter if you are an established business or if you are the type to talk about your ideas without putting them into action, this is the place for you!

This list consist of websites that have become a great place for those who would like to see more revenue and a long list of clients that actually covert!

Today we will show you the best places that you can use whether we are in a pandemic or not. Take time to try out some of these places that have proven to be great places to build the brand you have always wanted.

Each place will include some tips for those who are not afraid to try it out! So without further words, take a look below:


Reddit is a forum based social media site that allows you to discuss a variety of subjects while allowing you to connect with a wide range of people through direct messaging and discussion post.

You have probably heard of reddit or have asked Google a question just to be moved over to this forum site. Reddit is a premier place to network and connect with your audience.

By leveraging these discussion forums, people like Elon Musk and Bill Gates have been able to stay connected with their audience.

I spoke a little bit about forums in my previous post, go check that out here.

Now I know there is one question on your mind when it comes to Reddit: How can I use it to build my brand?

Follow these simple steps to get better at reddit:


person discussing while standing in front of a large screen in front of people inside dim-lighted room

Lunchclub is a meeting site that allows you to book meetings weekly for your clients. This site allows you to know speak with people across the world who may have the same interest as you do.

If you use this site right, you will be able to leverage the information to create lasting relationships from across the globe. From my experience, lunchclub has been able to give me an idea of what life might be like in a different province, state, or country.

When it comes to your brand, lunchclub can be used to tell others about what you are doing and how you intend to it. This then leads to a larger network and more referrals in the future. This site can be a huge plus for those who are looking for new clients and willing to put the time in to find them.

Some advice for using Lunchclub:


Indiehackers is a site that allows you to speak with like minded people who are interested in making a business, joining a businesses and talking about business in general.

This is a location that people come to share ideas and ask from advice to move forward with their own brands. This makes it a great place for someone who is looking to build a brand and looking for a wider network and even more employees for their brand. I have used this site to help find interesting people who are willing to make something happen. This can be used to not only find people but also test new ideas. Just make sure to keep your eyes on the prize as you can get distracted by what everyone else is doing with their businesses.

Tips to master indiehacker:


pink-petaled flower on white pot

Meetup.com allows you to create groups and connect with people on different platforms like Zoom. This is a community of people who can soon become your greatest alias.

This is one of the best ones on the list because through meetup you are able to build a group of likeminded people and orchestrate new events on any given day. Meetup is so special because if you would like, you can even be in charge of a pre-established group.

This way you do not have to put in a lot of work to actually start one a group for yourself. This group can be used to build your brand because these same people become your network of business partners.

Great tip for those who would like to make a meetup account:


Eventbrite is a website that allows you to sign up for your favourite events and concerts. It is also a great community website as it allows you to hold events with your group members.

This is a website that allows you to do more with the community you have by allowing you to do live events on topics that you find interesting! With the help of Eventbrite you are able to interact with your community and develop a better understanding of the people in your group.

By holding live events you are able to build your brand and send reminders for upcoming events and notifications that may be happening with your brand. By utilizing this platform you are able to connect with your community like never before! Take charge of your network with the help of eventbrite.

Tips for using eventbrite:


Hellotalk is a application for language learners, through this application you are able to interact with people who would like to learn a different language.

At first glance, this may not seem like the best use of your time but HelloTalk allows people to ask questions and if you know another language this can be an excellent place to speak with people from different countries.

Allowing yourself to step out of your comfort zone is important here as you will need to be able to leverage your marketing knowledge to come up with creative topics for discussion. In reality, you are able to write about almost anything which makes this platform very powerful for creative people. Take the time to know your audience and give value accordingly.

Tips for Hellotalk:


person using black iPad

Pinterest is a place that allows you to connect users to specific webpages and allows you to post pictures and videos that capture your audience.

This is probably a very popular place to build a brand as it is one of the most popular for bloggers. This application is new for me and I am starting to see the value of the platform as it is the best way for your audience to know of your brand and mission.

Pinterest is one of those places that will allow you to gain an audience at a really fast rate if you are able to leverage the tools that are given to you. Pinterest is so widely used by bloggers because as a blogger you are able to make pins that are captivating and more importantly, link right to your webpage for instant views!

If you are a blogger and do not have a pinterest you are doing something wrong. (Just got one today, take a look).

Tips for using pinterest:


WordPress is the application I am currently using and it has been around for centuries. WordPress gives you the ability to make awesome websites and blogs but also gives you a community to speak with just about anyone on the site.

This community is so powerful that you end up getting so much more views once you establishing your brand on the site. By taking the time to comment, like, and continuously have an impact on the community around you, you are able to create a brand that will have a great connection with its audience.

WordPress is so great for brand builders because you are able to take part in discussions and be a member of a growing community of people who enjoy the same things you do. You can start building your brand by taking advantage of forums and making an effort to provide value to those around you.

Useful WordPress tip:

Zoom/Google Meet

white apple keyboard on black table

Zoom is a video conferencing app that has become extremely popular over this pandemic and google meets is pretty much its fancy brother.

Using these two video conferencing apps is so important to your brand. You should be inserting zoom and google meet links into your cold emails and other areas of your work. You can use these applications to perform quick meetups and also have 40 min meetings with people from across the globe.

You can use these two softwares to make branded videos, record screens, change your background to whatever you would like and more. Finding creative ways to promote your brand on these two sites is key.

Tips for Zoom and Google Meets:


Here is one place we all know and love. Youtube has been around for a very long time and has evolved into one of the most necessary branding tools of the century. I am not saying you need a Youtube but I am saying it will help your brand tremendously.

The reason why Youtube is good for creating a brand is because people love short, random, pictures and videos that add value to their lives.

As Youtube continues to grow it is so hard to avoid it. As your brand grows you should have videos in the back of your mind as these are the marketing tools that are going to push you forward in branding yourself. As someone who has been putting off making a youtube for years, I know it is easier said than done.

One tip I’d give for your videos:


So what did you all think about the 10 places you can build your brand? For me I’d say it is very important to have new and original places to build your brand in the year 2021. As more places like Youtube become saturated, it is important to find new places to build your brand for the future. As long as you continue to bring value I believe you can do well at anything you do. So let’s continue to bring that valuable content throughout the majority of the year.

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