How You Can Get The Most Out Of LinkedIn: Hidden Advantages and Tips

Linkedin is a platform that has transformed over the years. In the early beginnings, Linkedin was a professional site that wanted you to look like a tool 24/7 with photos that made it look like you were straight out of wall street with your suite and tie.

Thank God, things have changed!

Linkedin Is now the best location to build, scale, and maintain a brand for the long haul. In this post we will give you all some of the key features, the top advice and the most important tips you need to know that will help you take advantage of this platforms growth!

(Make sure to go through each section as there is a lot of value to have in this post with some awesome examples of people who are using these hidden advantages to grow their businesses)

So without further discussion, let me show you some key advantages….

Answer All Comments

As someone who tries to answer all comments with detail, I will tell you right now, it can help build your brand.

Answering comments and being available for people on your Linkedin can be wonderful for the brand that you hope to create in the future.

As more people continue to use Linkedin is becoming increasingly important to stand out and provide value in several different ways on the site. For me, I feel like it all comes down to supplying people actionable and valuable content from the posts and the comments.

In your comments, try your best to be proactive in what you post. Give your readers a clear actionable guideline to follow and make sure to leave something at the end of your post so they know what they can do to get more content from you!

When you are just starting to boost your linkedin, this is a quick and easy way to get in front of people and provide value from the start. So get out there and be proactive with what you post and do on the site.

Helpful Tip: Linkedin has hashtags too and people can follow those hashtags for more notifications!

Use those hashtags at the side of your screen to really help people find your content. Use as many as possible when you are just starting because that is how people will find your posts!

I follow some myself!

Use Sales Navigator To Build Leads

Next, this is the biggest advantage that Linkedin has over all other social media platforms. You can easily create lead list on this site for a fee.

Several people have used this strategy that help their business grow.

Linkedin sales navigator allows you to create lead list, send inmails to prospects, find names and emails and more. They do this by allowing you to search for key prospects on the site which gives you the ability to see people in several different industries.

Make sure you are using sales navigator to reach your customers because it can lead to millions of dollars in sales if you use it to a high extent.

Hidden Tips and Tricks: Make sure you are using Linkedin sales navigator and the Linkedin Learning platform for extra education. Linkedin allows you to get educated on a variety of content and industries.

Here is what is trending now on linkedin learning in the marketing section.

They have been very good at promoting this content and they will continue to make a effort to show you courses that you might find interesting.

Linkedin learning can allow you to be more knowledgable about the world around us so check it out here!

Post Video Related Content

We need to get started with the video people. Video content is the best part of posting on Linkedin. You can be sure that your content will be reaching a higher audience count when you post more video content.

The people on Linkedin these days are very prolific when using video. People are posting property videos and real estate videos on the platform and are seeing increased traffic!

When making videos I would suggest looking at some of the formats and the videos that are already gaining in popularity and try to see the different strategies that have been using to boost their post.

It is important not to get caught up in these details as this may lead to, too much analyses and too little action. Make use of the people around you but do not get discouraged when these same people get more comments or likes, as they have been doing this for a very long time!

Also, when you post video content, make sure to adjust your content to your audience by asking if they like what they see and be open to changing your content based on what they have said about your content.

Lastly, ADD VALUE. This is the biggest part of videos and the biggest reason people will watch your video in the first place. Be able to add some value to someones day. It can go a long way for your brand and it can help you succeed going forward.

One person that LOVES content on Linkedin is my friend Gary Vee, check a video here for more ideas for Linkedin:

Tips: Try to be a little more personable and human when you create these videos. People love to listen to humans and try to relate to what they have to say!

Use All The Features In Your Profile (Hidden Ones Too)

Your profile is very important on Linkedin as this is the first place people will go if they like your content or want to learn more about your brand!

Be able to give people valuable content in all areas of your profile by doing more on it!

One thing I have seen that people enjoy on Linkedin is being different. This is why I have continued to change my profile background to add some personality to my page, put NEW blog post on the front of your profile, and post content on a consistent basis.

People love to find profiles that are refreshingly different and the way you can do this is by changing your display background to a different colour or changing the format of your post.

You can change the format of your post by adding emojis to your post and being proactive about adding sections in your post for readers to learn more about what you can offer them.

Lastly, use everything and continue to change different parts of your profile to remain engaged on the platform. The more times you post on the platform the more traffic you will bring to it!

Quick feature you can utilize on your profile: The voice pronunciation! Check out how you can do it here.

Another Advantage: Linkedin allows you to put a banner on your profile. Check out Canva for more ways you can use this banner in a fun and creative way! People enjoy coming to a profile with a fun and vibrant banner of what you do and what you have to offer them.

Utilize Inmails and Direct Messaging

If nobody is entering your profile then what is the point of sending messages? Well messaging can generate traffic to your profile too.

Be careful as Linkedin can become a distorted version of a dating site so when you are messaging people make sure to establish your reasons for messaging right off the bat.

People are more easier to speak with in direct messaging and Inmails. Once again, it comes down to the content that you are hoping to give to the other person. You should be able to establish a great relationship when you are giving the other person a piece of information that can push them forward in life.

If you have a business to promote try not to stuff it down someones throughout, be able to give the other person a tool or PDF that can help them along in their journey.

When you research a business, you will find several news articles and different pieces of information that can be used to send to the other person. I love trends. If you know of trends and people who are doing different things inside that space that I would love to hear about it.


Check out this video for more regarding tips of direct messaging and more. He offers some great tips that can be utilized to crush it at Linkedin Marketing:


So in conclusion, Linkedin has changed people. Time to wake up and be able to add value to people across the globe on this platform that is growing at a rapid paced!

When you are ready to take the time to update your profile, make video content, and apply all the things I have told you about, make sure to check out these added facts and tips that have helped me make this post in the first place here!

I want you to succeed and that is why, if you have anymore questions regarding my post or would like to discuss any of the content in this post, check me out on Linkedin or by email here.

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