5 Secrets Nobody Tells You About Sales Roles: How You Can Gain An Advantage

There is one skill quality that has been around since the dawn of mankind and that is the ability to sell.

Being in a sales role should not be taken lightly. The privilege to be able to sell a product and find new ways to sell that product to customers is by far one of the most important qualities that a person should be able to process.

As for me, I have been working in sales for shorter then most ‘gurus’ on the internet but I have still been able to get a idea of some of the best traits and qualities that can give someone else a advantage when they first enter into a sales role.

This list is comprised of some of the things about sales that I was told going into the industry and some of the advantages that I have used to book more meetings with prospects!

Let’s dive into some of the things nobody tells you about this industry and some advantages you can use to be at the top of your game….

(Make sure to check out each section as you can find value for all your sales related activities in this one post)

You Need A Schedule

person writing on a book

This has to be the one part of my job that has given me the most satisfaction and success. Being able to create a schedule for yourself and trying your best to stick to it throughout the day can do wonders for your career.

I feel like if your job actually tells you to make a schedule you should listen. In some sales rolls this has not been the case and I feel like it can lead to a better experience for you and more money in your pocket.

By utilizing a schedule you have the ability to take advantage of your day. A schedule gives you the ability to understand the ins and outs of your day which can lead you to more time for yourself.

Biggest advantage of a schedule? Better time management and more time doing things in your day that will lead to the highest results.

When it comes to scheduling it is important to set reminders and continue to stay on track. This allows you to be more productive and get more out of your day. I referenced a few places you can set reminders in the past but my favourite continues to be momentum.

If you need more information about reminders, check out my previous post here, on why people fail in sales.

If you need an example of a great schedule that you can use today, I will include one here along with some great tips if you are in a BDR roll! (Click here for that article)

Do Not Be Afraid To Fail

If someone told me this when I started out, I’d be way better at sales. People want to be perfect so bad when the best thing you can do for yourself is to focus on getting the job done.

I feel like the actually ‘doing’ in sales is so important because that is where you will get the most practice. When you actually dip your feet in the water you will know how cold or hot it can be for you.

When someone gets into sales it is like a baptism of fire. Get into it and figure out how you can become better at it over time.

When it comes to cold calling, you have to be trying different aspects, A/B testing thing you think might work and continually learning from those mistakes because that is the only way you can truly grab a hold of what you are doing.

Fully grasping sales is not something that comes naturally, seasoned sales reps have actually been in the trenches. They have failed tons of times and have gotten out of it.

A big contributor to getting better at being afraid to fail is understanding different objections and trying your best to improve over time! Here is a blog post I made on this subject!

Even The Best, Network With Someone Better

man sitting on chair holding a banknote

Things get a lot easier when you get a network to help you out. Being able to find others who have been in your situation before can be so beneficial for you.

I have actually spent sometime myself reaching out to other people in different industries to see how they can help me grow in my role.

One unique place you can actually find great contacts is Reddit! On this forum platform you are able to get an understanding of the people in your industry by joining forums. These forums allow you to be a little bit more knowledgable on different subjects including sales.

It has opened my eyes to advice, tips and new information that you can’t get anywhere else. Check it out!

If you are truly looking for more people in your industry there is tons of places you can look for more information and one of the best places is Linkedin.

This is a platform that I have wrote about in my previous post. It can be a huge difference maker for you if you find that you are struggling to do something in your role! Check out that post here.

Do Research Before Emailing Or Calling (If Possible)

This is by far the greatest one of them all. This is where you will make the most out of your day.

If you learn anything from this blog post, I would like to say that cold calling is effective but like marketing it is important to know who you are calling and plan your day accordingly.

Before your day, make sure you understand who are calling, the purpose, and the best way to reach your prospects.

This can be done by establishing a call objective, knowing your targets and developing a process that will work for you and the prospect.

The person on the other line knows more than you think about what you are selling and that means you need to be able to research and understand what is going to take to develop a relationship with them.

Take a look at this Quora Answer for more information on this side of the business, here!

I found Scott’s answer so insightful because it clearly identifies how you should go about your day.
Check out the full version in the link above!

You Will Never Stop Learning

We often think that after we know all the little details about our day then we will stop learning and become monotonous drones. I would like to say that this is false.

Sales continues to grow and there are different avenues around every corner that you can further your career.

When you continue to try to reach to people and continue to create a network of sales professionals, you start to relize that you can always learn something new.

It does not matter if you are in real estate or another sales role, it is important to learn from the people around you, who have been in your shoes before.

Make an effort to find new ways to learn in 2021 because as your knowledge expands you start to realize new ways to reach your customers.


So the bottom line is that sales is a very expansive role with several advantages that you can use in your daily life.

When you become better at sales you start to realize new ways that you can make time, new avenues of the job that can lead to more money, and the right attitude that can lead to your success.

As my post has shown it is so important to find advantages and tips in sales to push you along your journey, Sometimes you may be discouraged to fail or you may think you are too good to fail, at the end of the day you have to continue to learn to see true results in this industry.

Make a continuous effort to continue in sales and develop your skills in a craft that will potentially be around forever.

Would you like to learn more about sales and time management? Check out some of my earlier post below:


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