The Prop Marketer Show – New Podcast + Blog Updates

What have you done so far in 2021? This is the question that I asked myself before creating this new podcast. Over the course of this year so far, the blog has progressed but the breaks had to be put on this due to my real estate exam.

My content has taken a hit so far this year but as I continue to release new blog updates and topics I wanted to write this short post to let everyone know about the updates in my life.

Today, I share with you all a podcast that I have created and released for the public to enjoy. What is this podcast about? You may be asking yourself well it is about the housing industry and property as a whole.

Through this podcast I hope you share with you all new information and insights that I have found interesting in my daily life. As I become a real estate agent this will be the way I communicate some of my thoughts about the industry. I will give you all updates on the fun and unusual side of real estate.

There are so many different properties out there, so much news to be discovered and I feel like this is the best way to let everyone know about them.

The Prop Marketer Show will introduce you to new people who work in architecture from across the globe. It will also give you more information about different habitats, additional dwelling units (ADU’s), Boathouses, lighthouses, cave houses and everything else that can be classified as a persons property.

For this first episode, I share with you some of my favorite projects within 3D printing and I share with you some of the best parts of each property. We go into the sustainability side of 3D printing, the future of the industry, and more!

This is the show that will give you the most unique insights into some of the most unusual sides of the property world.

Stay tuned for what is to come and I am looking forward to sharing more information with you all about news that I feel you can appreciate!

Check out the new episode below:

#14 – We Speak With Dirk Delport About One Of The First Tiny Homes In Abu Dhabi Property Marketers Show

Welcome to the property marketers show (UAE Edition)!  Today we have decided to speak with Dirk Delport on his tiny home in Abu Dhabi. Dirk has extensive experience in project management and has been able to construct this new summer retreat for his family!  This is one of the first in Abu Dhabi and provides us with an idea of what we can expect from structures like this in the country. This new property and interview allows us all to get a better picture on what it takes to build a home like this one. Taking into account the heat, parking restricts and more, Dirk has been able to overcome a lot of obstacles to get this project off the ground.  Also in this episode we speak about Dubai and the current state of Dubai real estate in this new episode. Since being in the UAE I have seen some of the trends and patterns that can help you decide on your new home!  If you are looking to settle down in Dubai and especially in the Palm Jumeirah, reach out to me for more information about new listings and how you can capitalize on the current market here.  For more information about properties in the Palm Jumeirah, feel free to reach out to me below:  Email: Or Whatsapp me: 525176380 If you would like more information about Dirk Delport and his project, please see the article below: Stay tuned for more architecture and alternative living projects!
  1. #14 – We Speak With Dirk Delport About One Of The First Tiny Homes In Abu Dhabi
  2. #13 – How To Make A Name For Yourself In Architecture With Gauri More
  3. #12 – The Incredible Journey Of A Serbian Architect Named Nemanja Biondic
  4. #11 – Can We Take 3D Printing To New Levels? We Ask Stephan Mansour About A Initiative That Will Change The Industry Forever

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