Clubhouse For Beginners: Ideas To Take Advantage Of This New Platform

Happy Saturday everyone!

Voice related platforms are becoming so important in this time. It seems like everyday there is another voice related community just waiting for you to market your new listing or your new brand.

This is why it is so important to see the most popular platforms and to recognize the best communities, which has lead me to make this post about Clubhouse!

In this post we will run through some of the reasons why this application is blowing up right now and some of the ways you can take advantage before it gets out of control.

Also we will give you the facts and findings for you to stay up to date on new ideas and new ways you can make your voice heard on this application so stay tuned!

(We will be providing links to great places that you can learn more about this interesting application)

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a new platform that has just started to gain popularity this year but how does it work and how can you use it for your business?

From what I have been hearing Clubhouse is a place for people to connect through voice and conversations. You join conversations by raising your hand and once you are in, you can give your opinion on the topic and provide valuable insights.

Where Instagram has made its following by taking pictures, Clubhouse makes its name by giving its users a unique experience. They give the user the ability to only use voice to communicate. This means that you need to be on your toes when you communicate with someone. Be able to really be knowledgable about your topic and you should do really well with this application.

Also, the application is invite only and from May 2020 to now the company has increased its user volume from 1500 users to over 6 MILLION! This is something to take serious.

Need more information about the application and a more thorough guide into the many features? Check right here for one source that I have used to fully understand this application.

As popularity grows more people are taking advantage of this voice related platform. The one thing that I would say that really sets Clubhouse a part from the rest is the exclusivity and usual rules. We will talk more about this in the next section.

What Are The Rules Involved In Clubhouse?

So like most applications, there are general rules that you must follow on this application.

For one thing, Clubhouse wants to keep things on the application as much as possible. This means that all conversations that happen within the application must NOT be recorded. Everything must stay on the application.

Next, for android users, you may be out of luck because Clubhouse is currently ONLY for IPhone users which will limit the amount of people that actually join this application. For me, this will also limit opinions too. Look for them to change this rule very soon once they open more to the public.

Clubhouse is INVITE ONLY this means that you need to know someone with the application to actually start using this application. This is another limiting factor that goes along with the entire exclusivity that they are looking to do with this social media account. Everyone only gets ONE invite when they join the application so if you know someone with the application, you better get friendly quick!

More rules – There are moderators to the room too. So if you are the moderator you have to take into account that you need to reset rooms and stay on top of who is in your room. Just remember to keep your volume on MUTE when you enter on a stage or a room. I think we have all become used it that because of ZOOM in 2021.

Despite the rules, Clubhouse is gaining rapidly and several people have been learning new ways to take advantage of the momentum.

What Can You Do To Take Advantage?

So I have been seeing a few ways a person can take advantage of this application. For example, auditions and pitching. People can audition like on American Idol with the application and win free tickets or they can become famous if they impress the right people. This means Clubhouse can be a amazing opportunity if you find the right conversations to join and the get the chance to show off your skills.

Take a look at a example of the Hamilton musical that was able to use the application for this exact purpose below:

In my opinion, Clubhouse sounds like a great place to market yourself from a voice platform because this is a great place to show off your knowledge. This being said, the platform is still developing and this means not a lot of people in your target audience may not know about this platform as of yet.

I would still suggest to dip your feet in the water with this application and try out the features because if you can build up a audience now, once more people start to use this application, they will look at you for advice! Essentially putting yourself in a position to win on this application could be a low risk and high reward situation for you and your brand.

How To Create Rooms

When it comes to creating rooms there are 3 categories. A open room which gives anyone the ability to join your room and everyone who is anyone gets to give there opinions. There is also a social room in which someone who is following you is allowed to join the room. Finally there is a exclusive or closed room where people limit the number of people in there and it can only be for people who get a invite. This is popular for people who would like a more intimate conversation.

Take advantage of each by looking at your followers and your goal. If your goal is to get as many people as possible then you may go with a open room. It is all up to you in that regard!

Who Has Been Using It?

Just recently the shark tank crew was able to hear pitches from investors on this same application. Also one of the most popular sharks in Mark Cuban was just recently talking about this application, check out what he had to say and how he wants to crush this application!

In the early beginning of Clubhouse it was only accessible for special people like Oprah and more famous people. It is slowly turning into a place that any person can use to gain a bigger following. Keep in mind that clubhouse is a place to BUILD your following. I feel like Clubhouse can help you when you already have something going such as a popular TV show.

Anyway, people are getting their feet wet with this application and in the years to come it will either become a hot spot for communities or die depending on if other applications choose to adopt the same methods. So take a risk and see for yourself if it might be right for your business.

Ideas For Real Estate Salespersons

I would like to share some ideas for realtors.

Before anything get permission from your brokerage before you do anything… then see if you can get permission from sellers or buyers depending on how you are marketing yourself.

So for me, this could be a excellent place to answer questions about a new listing if REBBA allows it. This could be a place for you to basically draw attention to your new listing and give people professional advice about the home and how it can meet peoples needs. I would suggest creating a room or conversation around “Homes In Toronto” or “Homes in GTA” and set up a stage for people to give there opinions on the homes you have listed.

If that first one is insane, try promoting yourself through clubhouse. If you already have a great instagram following, this may be a good place to give exclusive updates on yourself and new adventures in the day and the life of a realtor. It would great to network with people within the same space as you and give them more information about what you are up to.

For new realtors, the networking in Clubhouse is great because it allows you to hear about different mentors, investors and more. It would be great to understand more about the space that you hope to build a following within. This is the real magic of this application. You can network with some of the biggest realtors in your state, region, or country. If you are just starting out, there are definitely ways to make your mark if you are creative.


Image result for clubhouse app

Clubhouse is here to stay and with so many people starting to use this application it looks like it will be around for a very long period of time. Now is the time for you to take advantage of the information given in this post and start giving people to ability to hear your voice. Set up a room and start making people happy or sad or mad just make sure you follow the rules.

As this application gains in popularity, more people will find ways to monetize and perform different functions that will be of value to listeners. So be able to continue giving people value with all your conversations and be a voice on the application.

More and more people want to make this application there own so if you can get in now and become a great voice or do something creative then you may be ahead of the game. I would suggest to do things that are as crazy as possible. Think of things that nobody would think to do.

As always keep it locked here for more post related to new mediums for you to take advantage of during this new year! We are all thriving to make our businesses or brands something that will be worth while in the long term. Good luck and enjoy Clubhouse!

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