The 3 Keys To Grow Your Following On Any Platform: Social Media Marketing 101

It is no surprise that social media is important in a marketing campaign. Social media has changed over the years from being something that is speculative to being something that companies can’t ignore.

When we look at influencers like Gary Vee and his ability to preach about how social media has now changed from being something that young people do to something that smart people do, it is evident that you need to grow your following.

In this post we will give you some of the keys that I have used in the past to increase my following on sites like Linkedin. I have been consistently using these 3 keys to grow my following on all platforms and now I would like to pass these keys to the world. Take a look at them below.

(Social media is something that we need to take serious, I hope the links and other resources will help you do this!)

Providing Value

So often people forget that their is another person on the internet that wants to read what you have written down in your blog or website. These people will be your users and your customers, be prepared to give them the value they are looking for in your post.

When it comes to almost everything you do on the internet, take into account that you need to be providing value for people who are reading it or you will find that people will often forget about what you have posted.

One way to provide value is by doing your research. Look at other instagram accounts and other social media channels that are within your niche. Look at the way they present their information. Do not mimic but take the information that is given to you with a grain of salt. Most people who have been in this game for a while can teach you how you can provide true value for your next social media venture.

Another way that you can provide value is by doing your own research on tools like Google Alerts and Google trends. These two Google tools are so important when you are doing any type of research. I will write another blog post about reach but in a nutshell.

Google trends allow you to see what is popular and what are people searching. This information can be useful when you are finding a niche or looking for new ways to give your customers value in your next post.

Google alerts is something that I use to make my podcast. How it works is that you get alerts to your emails every-time a certain topic of your choosing is displayed. This can work wonders when you are doing an essay but it can also help you find out what is popular right now and how you can use that to your advantage!

Be As Consistent As Possible

We can’t say this enough on this blog. The value of consistency can’t be ignored when it comes to social media. Almost everyone who has made it on social media will tell you the same thing. “I post once a day (or more)”. This is not just cliche people, it is something that you need to take in for yourself!

One example of true consistency in blogging comes from the founder of Mashable, Pete Cashmore. He is the founder of this site because he used to be relentless when it came to posting blog post. He used to continually give people content on a daily basis. He once said that he did this because he did not want to be poor and who can blame him? It is not fun.

If you are looking for more consistency strategies that can be used to boost just about any social media account, look no further than Neil Patels blog. Neil has been posting on that blog for years and when it comes down to it. I believe he would credit consistency to his success too. The ability to continually post and provide that same value in every post can change everything for what you are trying to do on your social media.

Make an effort to spend sometime posting relevant content that will enlighten the next reader and remember, post daily or when you are able. Continue to be consistent because this is seriously a great way to build your brand!

Do Not Be Afraid To Optimize

So often marketers and content creators get stuck in the routine. We often think that we have something good going so we can’t change now or nobody will like it. This is all wrong and it is a wrong way of thinking about just about any aspect of your life.

Be someone that is not afraid to make the hard decision to optimize. I was able to make a decision in the last two years to move to Spain for 6 months. The experience taught me a lot and I am now able to make more decisions that may be risky or unorthodox that can allow me to have an upper hand in the long run.

When it comes to social media, when you have content that people are liking already, you can still try new things. I do not believe that your creativity and your love for something has to be solely dependant on someone else’s decision.

If you are making a blog about marketing and you decide to switch everything, that is up to you. We do not live forever so if you continue to look at what people like solely and never decide to make a change for yourself then you might end up living someone else’s vision. Make an effort today to live for yourself and optimize your social media approach!


Social media has become the most important part of any business. It has changed and has been optimized to search its users better.

In this post I shared with you 3 ways that a person can use social media to grow their audience. We have discussed consistency, value and optimization! These are just a few of the many ways you can become better at social media from a traffic perspective.

Make sure to use this new found knowledge to monetize and do more with your social media account. Remember to continue to look for new ways to improve your marketing and check back to my blog for more about how you can accomplish this!

Stay well.

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