How To Build A Community Online On Instagram

What are your interest? What do you love to do?

Well no matter what you love, you are in luck because ANYTHING you love can turn you into a spokesperson or topic leader in 2021.

In this post we will explore the many avenues a person can take to become a thought leader and a spokesman in their respective interest on Instagram! I would like to focus on the tools and the tricks that you can use on the platform to make yourself the person people turn to for advice and news on specific topics.

(We will dive into some of the tools and social media that will help you grow fast!)

What Is A Online Community?

A online community can be a group of people that meet up and discuss anything and everything their is to discuss about a specific topic.

As more forums and social media continue to pop up it is important to see which ones are worth your time and which ones will help you grow fast!

Creating A Online Community On Instagram

I have a first hand account of this. Instagram is a place to grow a brand at a very fast paste! I am currently testing out this platform and so far I have been growing my account at such a fast rate!

When it comes to Instagram it is so important to focus on those hashtags and conversations. I find people also love to repost on Instagram, like to a large extent. From what I’ve been noticing a large percentage of people prefer to repost and give credit to the other person.

In terms growing a community, Instagram gives its users the chance to create multiple accounts about each interest you may have and it continues to provide you with new ways to reach your clients. From call-to-action bios to direct messaging to reels. This platform is a great place if you are looking to build a community around you.

For example, the I follow a realtor who is doing this to perfection. She provides fans with the ability to see inside her life and really get involved. She constantly has comments on her photos and she is constantly pinning and replying to people.

Her fans love it and she is constantly growing her followers by providing content that is relevant and worth the time of her audience! Of course I’ll have to link her Instagram now but yes, perfect example of what we should thrive for when it comes to building a community.


How To Improve Your Following

This is how you grow. Make yourself a thought leader by giving calls to action, being consistent, and being visually appealing!

Now visually appealing does not mean your structure, I mean your actual page. What I have seen so far on this experiment is that people really love when you have a consistent page that has a theme and literally looks well put together.

The example above does a great job at giving you everything their is to know about her and she also gives you the ability to reach out to her through direct messaging. When people see that, they are like, “awesome a open invitation!”.

Give people the open opportunity to approach you and give them a reason to approach you on Instagram. This will allow you to be the spokesperson you have always dreamed of being!

Once people see that you are constantly giving them the content that they love then they will have no choice than to take notice of what you are doing so get out there and make a Instgram. This is what it is all about, starting and getting past that phase of “will I or wont I” that voice in your head is absolute bulls*t. You need to go out of your way to get past that and get more done!

The Evolution Of Instagram & How To Take Advantage

Long ago, “sliding in the DM’s” was a thing and people were doing that like hot cakes. Now, dms is a place everyone can go to find information, sell products, have meaningful conversation and give more information to people about how they can help.

DM’s are now a common place for people. It’s like texting and a open invitation for you to find more information about everyone!

Stay on top of Instagram because it continues to add things like the shopping area, reels and other little aspects to provide more value.

One thing I’d say a person should take advantage of is the shop application area. It gives you the ability to truly sell whatever you desire.

Also when it comes to building a community utilize reels and stories as much as possible. These are still something that you can use to speak and give updates on your life and your business.

If you think they are done evolving Instgram you make a sorry mistake. There are so many people on this planet and most of them have a Instgram account. The audience is massive. They will continue to optimize to provide more cool and interesting ways to interact with fans and users. Stay tuned for all that and remember to get in and starting making your online community!

Instagram monthly active users | Statista


Instagram is not a forum page or a Facebook page but it sure gives you the ability to do so much on the platform for yourself.

Building a community has never been more easy! I have scaled my Instagram and will continue to scale it and provide updates. This application works fast and if you have something you are passionate about then you have come to the right place.

Instagram will give you everything you need to get going quickly in your new direction while allowing you to communicate with you audience at a amazing pace! Choose to make a account and experiment for yourself, I know you will not regret it!

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