Why You Need To Start A Podcast

Hi everyone and welcome back to another blog post!

So if you haven’t already realized. I post a weekly podcast about unusual but elegant properties that I find interesting!

This podcast idea came to me after realizing people might be interested in this side of things. After seeing the Apple TV Documentary “HOME” I realized people actually liked the idea of listening to someone speak about these properties.

As I continue studying real estate, property is at the top of my mind. I want to show the world that these properties exist and you can own them if you would like to take the chance to realize where they are all located!

I guess this was a podcast really centred around the architecture minded realtor. My love of real estate continues to grow with every episode. I want to sell homes and I know I will soon but this post isn’t about me. It’s about you!

Why should you start a podcast? This is the question that I would like to answer in this post. The idea of a podcast is so popular now and it will only gain in popularity as time goes on. The idea of speaking about your passions is nothing new and podcasting offers you the ability to build a community around it all.

Why Start A Podcast For Your Interest

It’s so important to start a podcast based on your interest. For me, basing a podcast on your interest changes everything. A podcast doesn’t always have to be time consuming but if it does, it makes it a lot easier when you are interested in what you are talking about!

For me, I find it easy to speak about properties because this is a career and field that I find interesting. When you find something you are interested in speaking about, everything becomes a easy game to play.

Make a podcast based on something you feel YOU would like and YOU feel you can talk about for a long period of time.

Whether that be talking about your favourite sport or your favourite songs, it’s so important to make a effort to find something that you feel comfortable with talking about. When you take the time to find your interest, it is then time to focus in on what content you would like to deleites into the world!

Building Content


So I am new to this podcast game but I have seen some areas that I can improve on going forward. One of those improvements might be my content structure.

Building content and finding the content that suites your brand is another important step in making a successful podcast. I put off making a podcast for so long because I didn’t think I could speak about something for such a long period of time. I was 100% wrong.

When you set up your mic and you start talking about something you actually have interest in speaking about, things start to flow! You start to feel like this is something other people should hear about like you are the person that people need to hear!

Build content by answering questions. Answer questions that you feel someone would want to hear or know about your subject. Do a little research on your topic and let it rip! I wasn’t the most confident version of myself before the podcast and I am still working on that area of my life but I feel a podcast is helpful for many reasons.

Benefits Of Podcasting


There are so many benefits to podcast. For one thing, it gives you the ability to just speak about yourself or your subject. Nobody is stopping you, you can go as long as you want or as short as you want. When it comes to building confidence in yourself, podcasting is such a great way of doing it.

It builds confidence because you are literally speaking without thinking about the person behind you. You are constantly just speaking about something you love!

It also gives you positivity when you use it right. If you are constantly looking at who is listening and you constantly look at what you need to change instead of what you WANT to talk about, then trouble can set in. Stop looking at the person to the left of you and start giving yourself the chance to be YOU. You will feel positive and confident about it!


Podcasting has changed my life so far. I have a obsessive personality and I constantly want to do something with my life. It’s hard for me to sit still and podcasting just gives a outlet just to speak about everything going on in the world! I want to give you all the ability to do the same. I really hope this blog post gives you positivity and the courage to make a podcast for yourself because I know it will change your life too!

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