Opinion Post: Niche Marketing Business For Florist?

The biggest industry since this pandemic has started has been the florist or planting industry. People want to brighten up there home and they need some positivity in their lives right now. We all could use some positivity right now, more then ever before.

This brings to mind a marketing idea for me. What if you created a marketing agency for florist? It would be a niche marketing agency and it would only be about creating better marketing and helping these people deal with the demand of covid.

What would be some campaigns that you would run for a florist? I would run a campaign about comparing two flowers. This can be the white rose or the red rose but it would be about giving people the choice of either. This way people would be more inclined to choose this more expensive or more popular product over another less expensive item.

When you have a great product, it is important to advertise it and give people the ability to purchase it from you! I feel that is why marketing will never die because people constantly need to know what to choose. Decisions are everything when you are shopping and marketing just makes it a lot easier for people.

For a florist I would try to shine light on a item that you feel is a high ticket item but also a essential item. Market the product that people can’t live without when you go to a flower shop. For me, I feel that is a rose. This is why I’d base a campaign around that to start.

What would be another idea for a florist to market there business? Tell people the journey of the flower or where it originated. This can be done in a Instagram reel video with cute animation or it can be done through a quick slide show on LinkedIn! This would really open your customers eyes to New roots of the plant (no pun intended).

Lastly, I would like to how this plant can brighten up a home or how it might look inside the home. This can be done through a few social post but it can also be done through guerrilla marketing techniques. You can convert an entire section of the florist shop or the property outside of the shop into someone’s living room. You can make it so the sun really shines on the plant on a table top with a coach. Make it look elegant. Could be fun to hire a interior designer or stagger who can make this happen for you!

There are tons of ways of marketing for a florist, it truly does take some creativity and imagination to put it into fruition! It would be nice to see someone take the chance right now and start this niche marketing agency. I wish I had the chance but due to me working for a agency this is not possible.

Florist and many other businesses are booming during this pandemic. If you are not taking notes as to what is booming right now. I’d start! These are the companies that can last, no matter the weather! They can handle whatever life may through at them and they get back up. We all need to be like these booming industries right now and continue to adapt and concur!

I hope everyone is safe and healthy, who ever may be reading this post I wish you continual health and happiness during these times.

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