STOP Cold Emailing & START Giving Valuable Content

I see it all the time. You go out of your way to get that email and you jump through hoops to get that email on a constant basis. You are obsessed with the idea of making these long email list without even considering who these people are and why they might be interested in the content that you might be giving to them!

The most common misconception right now in the marketplace is that you need to bulk email people and this will lead to an influx of new customers for your business! This is so wrong. We need to start taking our customers needs more seriously because we are falling into a trap and a loop of constantly getting the customers that have no interest in what you are offering.

Want to find customers and you want to do lead generation better than most people? Provide value that speaks to people. Be the person that is giving content that is valuable and knowledgable.

In this quick post we will take you through of the ways that you can acquire customers emails without using ZoomInfo or hiring someone from Fiverr.

Create A Blog

Creating a blog is STILL one of the best ways to drive traffic and provide relevant content for people to find you and get their emails.

I say ‘still’ because it has been around since Zuckerberg was in his dorm room. Blogs give you the best chance to actually reach your customers and get their emails the right way!

When you use a blog you are giving people the content that they need to run their business. You are giving them a chance to see how knowledgable you are on the subject but most importantly you are giving them relevant content so they know you can help them. This turns into email captures.

Once you give them a call to action at the end of your post, this changes things. You now have emails of people that like the content and they like the company or person writing it too.

Upgrade Your Podcast Game

Podcast are incredible if you want to start giving people the chance to get to know you and your company better. It gives your audience the information that they can use to truly improve their content and their businesses.

When you make a podcast you are giving people the chance to hear you and when people hear someone who has taken the time to research and speak, it changes the game for them. They now know you as the person of contact for all things and problems in your industry and business.

When you become a podcaster you become a person that is leading people toward their goals. You are giving them a chance to hear from a expert or a enthusiast who takes his/her time to do the research and find answers.

Once you have taken the time to do this. You will start giving that call to action for email capturing. This is the way to do! Capture emails after you have delivered the goods and then ask if the person wants more.

Make A Youtube Channel

A Youtube channel is so important for anyone looking to build a brand online. It can truly be the difference maker for someone who is looking to grow as it is the 2nd largest search engine on the planet!

Youtube is such a great place to give an add value to a persons brand as it offers a person the ability to show their face and interact via a video. Content is key on Youtube and putting this content on Youtube means it can be watched for all time. Youtube is an awesome place for content creators and people who want to give more to their audience.

You are able to not only give a call to action for email on Youtube but you can give a call to action for everything you are advertising online. You are able to give people the chance to see everything you have to offer. No matter what type of camera you may possess!

Make a Youtube, give valuable and relevant content and people will be running to give their emails for more from you!


It is just so unfortunate that people do not want to provide the most value with everything they do on the internet. Whether you are making a podcast, youtube video, or writing a blog post, provide value and be as relevant as possible.

Emails can be captured in two ways: by capturing them and by not capturing them and instead acquiring them after you have given someone key information that can help someone run their business.

Make an effort to find and provide content that everyone will enjoy and you will find emails will be pouring in!

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