10 Ideas For Small Businesses, To Boost LinkedIn Following

1. Make Reference To Events In Your Banner

A banner is a perfect place for you to tell the world about what you have up next.

2. Put Together Live Panels Related To Your Industry

Live panels can be a live discussion on YouTube and LinkedIn that tell the world that you mean business.

3. Use Videos To Have A Say On Current Issues

Create compelling videos on LinkedIn that give people a better idea of what your business is all about.

4. Put Together Slider Stories With Multiple Photos

Create a slideshow of images that are actually telling a story. Each photo is a new scene of that story.

5. Have A Consistent Format With Brand Colours And Fonts

Be consistent with your brand colours and fonts, this one is self explanatory.

6. Read All Comments And Make Adjustments

Read comments from all your clients and guest and make adjustments based on their thoughts!

7. Be A Thought Leader By Having Your Two Cents In A Popular Hashtag Or Trend

Be a thought leader by using hashtags and giving people more information related to important issues.

8. Like Comments

Like comments that people give on your page and tell them that you appreciate them.

9. Comment On Other Related Post

Show some love to the people around you because it is so important to give people more content that they find relevant.

10. Make Post With Links To Related Content

If you write a blog or article. Write a post and then link that article to the post your already wrote. The algorithm with thank you for it!


In the LinkedIn universe there are tons of easy you can add value to your clientele. It is still a budding social media platform that is utilized but not utilized to the extent of Instagram.

Also big factor is that a person can grow really easily on the platform. Linkedin is a place that will be all hustle and bustle one day but right now it is a great place for newcomers.

Don’t believe me? Check out this related post: 10 Reasons Why LinkedIn Is The King Of Social Media

It is a the social media of the future. It is the place that most people think is innocent which makes it a prime target for people to engage.

Engagement levels are way up on LinkedIn and that allows someone who is just starting a account to truly tap into some great information.

Id recommend LinkedIn to my worst enemies. It’s a fun and easy place for you to find traffic for your brand. Check it out today.

Fine, here is some more content because I want you to keep reading:


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