Impact Social Media Can Have On Your Mental State

Social media was born to give people the chance to learn about people that they probably would have never met before. It has been around for longer then we think. Long before Zuckerberg was messing around in his dorm room. MySpace was a popular way for people to interact with the world around them and create pages for themselves.

We have all seen social network so I will skip to the present day.

Social media is everything now. It’s become something way bigger then anyone was attending. Now, to imagine a world without social media would be absolutely crazy. For all of time, social media will be around and it’s not going anywhere. This leads to the question of this post, how much of a effect will this have on the emotions and the mental state of our current and future societies?

The Pandemic And Social Media Depression

The pandemic has hit us all in many different ways. For a lot of people it means a lot more eye balls are on the screen and more people are looking at different things on the internet.

This is nothing new. The new part is the fact that we are all limited in the way we live our lives these days. We are limited in what we can do offline and this has lead to more people heading to the internet for sweet relief. This hasn’t been the safe heaven we have all been looking for during this time. Social media is a great place to bond with your friends and family but it does turn into a place of envy, very quickly.

When I had more social accounts, I found I was always looking at people. It was constantly the think of “am I good enough?”. I used to see people on LinkedIn and Instagram and ask myself like “Wow, I have to do this or I have to be bigger or else I’m nothing at all”. Comparing yourself to others can lead you to a downward spiral so I would ask that we continue to work to achieve our personal goals during this time.

Maybe you can write these down, maybe you can take time to write down what you would want for your life going forward. It might take you about 10 minutes out of your day but it can help you down the line. As of late, I have taken the time to start writing down financial goals, career goals, and more. It has had an impact on the level of success that I personally think would make me a happier person.

Social Media Cure

There is no quick fix for changing how a person may see themselves in the eyes of other people. It takes time to truly start seeing yourself as the awesome person you truly are!

I assure you that it is possible! Social media can take you down and make you feel like your journey or walk in life is nothing in compare to that person that started way before you did.

For me and my journey to become a real estate agent, I see it all the time. “Another person started in this industry at 18 or 19 and is making millions now, how can you do the same?” “You’re too old now” this that and the third.

To those people I say “nothing kind” to them. Social media may cause you to compare yourself but in reality, you can do anything and everything, you just have to stop comparing and you just have to get to working. That’s it, start working on that dream you have in your head and realize that it may stay a dream if you don’t work toward it.

The cure for social media comparing starts with you figuring out the dream that you would like to see for yourself. Make a plan and stick to it!


Recently, I spoke with someone on Lunchclub that truly opened my eyes to the state of most people going through this pandemic. It’s like we have all of this social media, screens to check, and it’s almost like since we work where we sleep we are turning into people that work 10 hours a day and forget about our interest.

No matter what you are going through in your life. Whether you are going through a break up or you are finding someone new or you are working 10 hour days. You need to start thinking about you. What will make you happy down the line? What steps will you take to get there? Rather than making someone or a job make the decisions for you. Make them yourself and stop thinking you have to just go along and make decisions that you’re not even sure you want for your life.

Social media can cause you to get down on yourself and it can cause you to change your behaviour and your emotions. It will be around for years to come and we need to be able to look for new ways to live with it.

We are all going through a unprecedented time right now and that can cause a lot of different emotions. We don’t have to ignore these emotions, we can acknowledge it, and remind ourselves that this is not who we are.

I hope someone gets this message and takes care of their mental state as we continue to go through this time together! If you need more information about social media or tips and such about marketing than keep it locked here for more about that. Also reach out to me on Linkedin and let’s set up sometime to chat about how you have been dealing with these times.

Stay safe!

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