Finding Your Brand Archetypes: Why Is It Important To Your Brand?

Brand Archetypes. Now here is a subject I thought I’d never write about. Brand Archetypes is the process of identifying who you are and who you are seen as in the eyes of the consumer. It can take you down a rabbit hole of what you want to thrive to become and it can give you a better look at what you are currently. This can be used for those with a personal brand or those who are super established but have no idea what this is.

Recently, I dived a little deeper into what this all entails and I now have some serious interest in the world of brand Archetypes and what it all can mean for brands. It’s actually very interesting when you think about it. Do you really know how you look in front of the eyes of consumers? Do you know the traits of each archetype in business? And can you identify with one of the archetypes that I am about to list for you? Well in this post we will share with you some of the interesting aspects of this theory and give you a better idea of what it might mean for your brand going forward!

(Keep reading to find out which brand archetype your business might be. It might change the way you do business forever!)

What Are Brand Archetypes?

Well it’s actually a theory that each of our brands and the brands that will be created have a psychological presence in the minds of our target audience. Sounds easy to understand? I think it will at the end of this discussion. Brands each try to invoke some sort of emotion and they each try to play to their strengths. Brands have weaknesses and they strengths and sometimes the strengths stand out in more ways then one!

When you speak about a brand you are talking about something that is not human but carries human traits because it is so involved and ingrained in the lives of its consumers. This is why we build brand Archetypes, these create human like qualities for us all and allow us to see brands and businesses in a more eye opening light. I for one, have seen that brands can definitely have a emotional and interesting effect on our lives and I can see how each brand can invoke some sort of presence on us all.

Think back into your life, you have nostalgia when you think about the commercials you have seen and the brands you have witnessed as a child. The movies from Disney and the tv networks that kept your attention for such a long period of time. Maybe you cried, laughed, got interested, mad, sad or something else. Regardless these things had a effect on you, they had a influence on your life and they were so present in your life. These were all brands, they were all things that you knew where there and you knew the effect they had on your mind!

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Why Does This Matter?

Brand Archetypes exist. Some brands can make you feel on top of the world and others can change your mood for a extended period of time. This matters. This matters to a high regard because anything that can have that much of a effect on you should be identified. You should know the type of effect you have on the world so you can either take that and run with it or you can make a effort to change it.

A popular brand Archetypes is the magician. This is a brand like Disney. When I say a magician I mean a brand that can teleport you to another dimension. Think about the shows you watched as a child and think about the place you went when you watched these television networks. Think about the first time you watched lion king for the first time! These brands know the type of effect they have on people and they continue to push out content that captures that same essence.

cars parked on street during night time

Do You Know What Type Of Brand You Are?

Most brands don’t know what type of archetype there brand is or the type of emotion that they have on people. The following guide below is meant to change that for you. We will list all the archetypes that I believe are important to your brand and then you can tell me the one that sticks out to you the most. I would love to see which one pops out for you all and it would be amazing to see what type of ways you capture your audience, after knowing this information!

The Magician

So this is the brand that I alluded to in the beginning. We have all noticed this one, it is the brand that works to teleport us to another dimension. This brand works to give us that fantasy experience and make us feel like we are in another location or mindset. This can be a good thing for those who need to let lose and prefer to take sometime away from reality. This can be tv networks and even gaming might fall under this category too.

Brands might include:

The Lover

We all want to feel loved and this type of brand gives us that opportunity. The lover can be seen as someone who wants to bring you up to another level. They are ready to bring everyone together and make them feel like they are a member of a bigger group of society. Throughout history this has been used for several events which have been a bad thing and a good thing too. These brands have made a massive impact on the lives of people around them and they continue to make a impact in 2021.

Brands might include:

The Rebel

This is the brand that isn’t afraid to tell it how it is. They are constantly looking for new ways to break boundaries or make aloof marketing. For me, I feel like they would be the most likely to actually do some guerrilla marketing style ads and truly be different. The rebel can be a true difference maker who may come up with the next best marketing effort!

Brands that might fall under this belt:

The Hero

The hero is the person that tries its best to leave everyone on a high. They are the people that I feel a lot of people are turning to these days during these Corona infused lockdowns. We all need a hero and these people can fall into your lap from almost anywhere. Usually I see fitness enthusiasts fall under this belt or YouTuber who have a personal brand to uplift. Sometimes we all could use a big pick me up!

Brands might include:

The Explorer

These are my favourites they give you the chance to truly explore. Similar I think to the magician in which they give you the chance to go places. They focus on adventure and being that person that can take on the world or a challenge in front of you. This can be the person that will push you to new heights and give you the chance to hike the tallest mountains.

Brands involved:

The Sage

The wise old uncle with tons of experience for a person that needs it the most. This is easily the one that is the most intelligent of the bunch. You can the chance to get all the information that will take you through your day. Intelligence is a rare quality to have for a brand these days so it’s great to see that some brands actually base their business on this one.

Brands involved:

The Innocent

These are the simple and carefree type that is looking to give you more details into how positive you can be with yourself. They give you the ability to get a big confidence booster while letting you focus on relaxation and being true to what you would like to be accomplished. This can be great for someone who would like to take a moment to themselves.

Brands involved:

The Creator

Being innovative is something that a lot of brands would like to achieve which is why I find so few creators while writing this blog. This is a brand that works to discover and create new ways or paths for its followers. It’s important to find brands that can provide you with the ability to expand your creative juices!

Brands involved:

The Ruler

This is the exclusivity club. These are those luxury brands that can be the best and worst part of your day. By creating a sense of urgency and a sense of wanting and desire, these are brands that can create a massive following just based off their name.

Brands involved:

The Caregiver

These are the nurturing and the helpful brands that provide value and insight. These are those brands that are continually looking to grow peoples lives and elevate positive. They are caring for their audience and providing the means for brands to actually interact and share a common passion.

Brands involved:

The Everyperson

This is the fun person at the party that does not take themselves too serious. They are there to help you with whatever problem that you may have. Need a person that will sit down with you on a green lawn with a beer and just talk about the days that have past. It’s great to have a friend that you can have those moments with and this is the “every day person”.

Brands involved:

The Joker

Last but not least, we have the joker. This is a person that is big on keeping it funny and comedic. They are ready to tell you a joke and give you the ability to have a laugh when you need one. They are constantly giving you content that will make you happy or make you cry of laughter!

Brands involved:


Wow that was a ride. Brand archetypes can come in a lot of different variants. By taking time to identify these characteristics, you can give yourself the best chance to win!

Now that we have discussed each, which one would you say your business would side with? Would you add any examples to these groups and what would they be? It’s important to take the time to actually appreciate these archetypes because they can be a game changer, no matter what stage you are in of your business journey!

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