The Importance Of Having A Plan For Yourself

This one is long overdue for me. I see it all the time with people my age and people not in my age range. When you think about any amount of time, you should think about having some sort of plan for anything you are doing. We could be speaking about relationships, careers, or simple tasks throughout your life. It’s so important to have a plan to where you see yourself and the place you want to be in your life.

So many times there are people who don’t pay attention to the idea or the power of having a plan but it’s actually one of the most important parts of all of us as human beings. We all live a life and we all have a finite amount of time to live it. This is where having a plan comes in. You can make a plan to do anything and it will only take you a few minutes but it can have a dramatic impact on the rest of your day, month, year or life!

In this post we discuss the importance of planning and how it can be used from a life standpoint to a business standpoint and everything in between! It’s valuable to realize the potential planning can have on a persons life which could potentially set the stage for you to make big moves throughout your life.

What Do I Mean By Planning?

Planning is the act of creating a guide for your life, week, year, or any length of time. This guide allows you to complete task on time and it gives you the best chance to actually accomplish the task that you set aside for yourself. As for my experience with planning, I have found the best experiences come to those who take the time to write it all down.

When it comes to setting aside a few minutes to write things down, it changes your entire outlook on the situation. You are more motivated to get it down because you see what it can bring you in the future.

Whether you are in your 20 somethings or you are planning for retirement in the near future, the value of planning can take everything to another level. In the past, like most people, I was fresh out of university and filled with uncertainty. Not knowing what I wanted to do with my life and realized it might be wise to write a plan down. It took me a few minutes but it lead to one of the greatest decisions of my life so far.

I decided to take a break from it all and head to Europe for more than half a year. This experience changed the way I thought about the world and allowed me to take a better look at my next move in life. I credit the ability to plan and take the time to write down what I would like to do as the best part of my journey so far.

How Planning Can Help Your Mental State Going Forward

Another big part of planning actually has to do with the person writing it down. I see a lot of people just drifting. They take a job, end up depressed about the job, find another one and hate that one too. It’s a constant cycle that continues to plague a lot of people my age and everyone else in this world. I would like to present a solution to these people.

What if you wrote down the contribution you would like to leave on this world? What if you planned out your next move this week, 5 years from now or today? It doesn’t have to be something you follow completely but just having some sort of guide for yourself can make a huge difference on the life you hope to live.

I find when you know what you want in life you are more likely to not get down on yourself. If you know where your going, nothing can stand in the way of that mission. When you know what you want out of life the amount of stones that people might throw in your direction don’t have a effect on you because you know the path you set for yourself.

Obviously this isn’t the cure for all of life’s many problems because their truly is not any quick fix and you can’t anticipate everything that may come your way. Although you can plan for it. You can plan it and decrease the blow it can have on you!

We don’t know how long this virus will last, we don’t know how long we will be stuck in the house but you know what we have? We have right now. We have the ability to take the time to write out what we would like to see for ourselves. We have the time to understand that we can get everything down if we create goals and action plans that will help us live a better life.

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Achieving Success Through Planning

Most of us say we will plan it all out tomorrow, in the next few months, or after I’m down with this class but in reality I think nothing gets done until we say to ourselves “I want this done today”. Once we prioritize planning and getting things done for ourselves, we see success. I think some of the most successful people will tell you the effects that planning had on their lives. You plan to make a company, purchase, new relationship, new move or anything else.

When you do this you are setting aside a time out of your life to actually prioritize and actually acknowledge these things. You are able to get them done at a high level which will make yourself happy in the long run.

For me, success isn’t all about wealth. It’s about the idea of doing what you say you’re going to do. Setting aside two minutes to not only say you’re going to go travel but also ask yourself, what happens afterward? What kind of life do I want to live?

When I came back from my travels, I was in the same spot as before and unfortunately I still am but you know what keeps me going? Knowing that I’m going to work like hell to get what I want done. I set aside the time to realize that I need something that the world will see and something that might leave a lasting effect on someone’s life.

This is why I have decided to take actions like going into real estate, network, invest, and take time to understand the life that I want to see for myself. Also I know that I haven’t done it all perfect, I will make mistakes and hiccups and everything else but I also know that I’m a little farther ahead of someone who just drifts along without wanting to do anything with themselves.

I have seen success yet but I know it’s attainable for me and that makes all the difference in my life.

One of my favourite pictures from my trip.


I went abroad at a young age to teach English. I did it because one day those kids might remember me, they might say “I remember teacher Cole back in whatever grade level”. He may not have been the best teacher but he took the time to actually teach me, he took the time out of his life to travel abroad and make a impact on my life which in turn made an effect on his.

If I never planned, I’d never have the courage to actually get anything done. I’d probably be filled with regrets, waiting until a certain age to realize that I’m unhappy with where I’m at. So far I’m content and some days that may change, some days I will feel down because I’m human but their is a difference between feeling down for a day and being down everyday.

A person who doesn’t plan long ahead will find trouble at their door (Paraphrased)


If you haven’t already, I wanted to know. When do you plan on taking the time to plan out what you would like to see down the line? What steps will you be taking to achieve it? I assure you the impact of sitting down for 5 minutes can change you for a lifetime!

Stay safe and good luck with your planning.

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