How To Start Building A Audience Around Your Interest

It’s no surprise that audience building and acquiring customers has been a problem for a lot of people during this pandemic. We are constantly reminded with what is going on and we constantly hear new developments. Sometimes it can seem impossible to actually gain clients at this point in time with all the doom and gloom. I assure you it is possible and it starts with being genuine to your audience. The source of all good things starts with your ability to connect with your audience. In marketing and in life, it’s important to find out who you are looking to reach out to and develop a solid relationship with those people.

In this post I would like to shine light on building a audience for your idea, marketing campaigns, small business, your interest. I want to be able to give you the information that can give you the audience that you deserve for whatever your into. We are all in this same crazy period of human history together and we should all try our best to do the things we love and build a community/audience around it. I hope this post can help you do exactly that!

Be Vulnerable

This is something that people to do not usually talk about when it comes to building a community. I think it’s really important to actually be human online and be vulnerable with people. When I say vulnerable I mean give people the real you. Earlier when I started this blog, I felt like I had to stay in this bubble that I put myself in. In reality, people love when you are 100% with them on social media, blog content and other places too.

I think vulnerability is the one thing that can set you a part online. People connect with someone that is in the same position as you or someone that is down to earth with them. It’s incredible the result you can achieve when you try being human with your community members. For example, on Instagram the algorithm has made it extremely difficult to get noticed online. Yet I found a few people who were building a following by just speaking through stories. Telling people how there day is going, what is going on in there lives and etc. It’s almost like all social media is turning into a blog. Instagram and several other sites value vulnerability, they value that person that is willing to tell the world about their day. Try it out on your audience and I’m sure you will see results!

Create Groups Based On What You Love

There are so many places to actually start a group or community online these days. It really goes a long way when you find the right type of people to speak with online. For me, I find that people with Facebook groups see a way stronger audience on other platforms too. There are 2 billion people on Facebook, the engagement on this site is still there. You can still find people who are interested in what you have to say! When you actually do find these people and build this community, it will be a lot easier to bring viewers to a new YouTube channel you just made or a podcast. The possibilities are endless when you create a group based on your interest online.

I also find that Reddit groups with a niche topic also do well these days. The power of a group online can’t be ignored but we must remember to build these communities based on our interest. Heard mentality is a real thing, especially on sites like Reddit where you have wall street bets adopting gorillas. In this case, it was for a good cause but sometimes when people create groups they lose sight of what they actually enjoy. Instead of speaking about there interest they are listening to the herd rather then formulating thoughts based on how they really feel about the topic.

So the next time you want to create a group on any site, try to create a group around your interest and what you love. You will find that this will create a stronger audience and community going forward.


Building a audience online has gotten a lot easier these days. With so many different platforms out there and so many people willing to hear what you have to say, there are so many ways to build a strong audience for your interest. The internet has given us all the ability to reach the globe. This means we are given the opportunity to touch base with people we would have never seen in our lives. This gives us the chance to build communities on just about any interest you can think of. It doesn’t matter what you might be interested in. There is a place for you on the internet and you just have to be able to start.

Whether you are a fan of social media or not, you can’t deny the power that comes with it. You can reach 1000 of people with one reel on Instagram and you can reach tens of thousands and even millions by making a viral Tik tok video. These are things that can literally be done with a iPhone and they can be done in 10 mins. We live in such a amazing time, where we can literally live off our interest. We are able to create communities and build powerful relationships at the palm of our hands. We must remember to stay true to how we would like to think in this world and contribute accordingly. You will find that the communities you build and the people you meet will push you to continue in any endeavour you set your mind on!

Start building a strong audience today by being vulnerable and creating groups that will lead you to another level in your life.

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